Faculty In Residence

Parliament Hall (PH) is unique in many ways. To name a few unique features, it is an all-freshmen hall, there is the breath-taking view of the Atlantic Ocean from the top floor, residents can work-out, study, or relax and read in the hall’s library, and among many other amenities, there is the opportunity to grab a smoothie or a healthy meal from the on-site dining hall. However, what really sets PH apart is the introduction of the Faculty in Residence (FIR) program.

The inaugural FIR is first and foremost a faculty member at FAU, with all duties and responsibilities of all other FAU faculty. In addition, the FIR shares the residence hall living experience with students, as a full-time resident of Parliament Hall. This allows for opportunities to interact and form relationships with students in a manner that is not always feasible in an academic setting. The FIR may also share a meal with students attend a sporting event, or invite students to share time with other faculty members in one of the beautiful spaces within Parliament Hall.

The FIR also serves as a resource for FAU’s newest residents to learn the ins-and-outs of FAU. This is important in a freshman residence hall, as it gives new students a faculty member to consult when navigating college life. The FIR is not a residence hall administrator, rather a bridge between students, faculty and the rest of the FAU community, with the intent of helping freshman students thrive in their college experience.

As a means to bring all of this together, the FIR will plan and implement educational, recreational, social and cultural programs, while serving as a role model, mentor, advisor, teacher, and leader in the residential and FAU community.


Meet the Parliament Hall Faculty In Residence

 Last Modified 10/30/14