Students in the University Honors Program


In order to get to know the University Honors Program a little better, here are the perspectives of a few UHP students.

I highly recommend the University Honors Program to any student looking to gain a diverse education while studying compelling subjects. The University Honors Program is not harder and does not require more time than other freshman courses. Quite the contrary, the program’s courses are often less time consuming and always more fun as they facilitate learning by providing students with the opportunity to study compelling subjects that span a wide range of disciplines all in a relaxed seminar atmosphere.

-Joshua Scholl


The University Honors Program is a great organization to be a part of! I learned a lot about the FAU Campus from the other members in the program, and a lot about the surrounding community through service learning experiences. Being from Texas, the University Honors Program has helped me adjust to my new surroundings in Florida and has helped me strive to reach my fullest potential as a student. It's also a great way to make friends.

- Erin Connolly




Florida Atlantic University’s honors program is a unique and nontraditional way of learning. I find the program’s small classes and high participation results in outstanding academic success. The subjects of each class are extremely interesting and everyone wants to get involved and be a part of the discussions. The honors program is a great way to meet people who have the same goals and aspirations in life.

- Katherine Boyd



photo The University Honors Program has been such a wonderful experience. One of my favorite classes was ANT1930 with Dr. Clifford Brown, which taught us all about ancient Maya hieroglyphs and the Mayan people. It was so much fun learning how to "crack the code" and decipher the glyphs. Dr. Brown reminded me of Indiana Jones. An archaeologist, he traveled all over the world learning and discovering new things. I couldn't help but wonder if he had avoided any booby traps in the process. He even brought in ancient artifacts and incense to make learning the subject come to life. I would definitely recommend this class to an up and coming UHP student.

-Dana Warman  



The University Honors Program experience helped enable me to meet some wonderful people who have become very close friends of mine. Also, and just as important, the classes themselves got me used to working hard for grades, and they have largely prepared me for my rigorous upper division courses. The Honors Program is a wonderful choice for people looking to challenge themselves while experiencing interesting classes which they will always remember and reflect on.

-Stephanie Ann Rosendorf

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