Faculty and Staff in the University Honors Program

A key element in the University Honors Program is the Honors Courses which are taught by top-ranked faculty covering a wide range of topics and issues. These faculty members are from different departments that come to head-up specially designed courses.

Spring 2016 Honors Courses & Instructors

Foundations of Written Communication
ENC 1930 Honors Seminar in Writing
Instructor: Kathleen Moorhead

Foundations of Society and Human Behavior
Group A
SYG 1930 Honors Sociological Perspectives
Instructor: Dr. Sharon Placide, Department of Sociology

Group B
ECO 2023 Honors Microeconomic Principles
Instructor: Dr. Eric Chiang, Department of Economics

Foundations of Science & the Natural World courses not offered this semester
Foundations of Mathematics & Quantitative Reasoning courses not offered this semester

Foundations in Global Citizenship
ANT 1930 Honors Autogiography and Anthropological Perspective
Instructor: Dr. Michael Harris, Department of Anthropology

INR 2002 Honors Introduction to World Politics
Instructor: Dr. Angela Nicholas, Department of Political Science

WST 4337 Sex, Violence, Hollywood (Upper Division)
Instructor: Dr. Jane Caputi, Women's Studies Center

Foundations of Humanities
Group A
MUS 1930 Honors History and Appreciation of Music
Instructor: Dr. Ken Keaton, Department of Music

Group B
COM 1930 Film Appreciation
Instructor: Dr. Gerald Sim, Department of Communication and Multimedia Studies

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