Academic Requirements  


The University Honors Program is a two-year program that students begin in their freshmen year and is open to students in all majors. It consists of a minimum Honors Core of 20 credits.

12 credits comprised of 4 Honors Seminars taken during the freshman year.

2 credit seminar of the SLS 1501 - Introduction to Academic Life is taken during the fall semester of the freshmen year.

6 additional credits taken during the freshmen or sophomore years comprised of Honor sections of regular core classes, upper division Honor substitutes, elective Honor seminars or directed independent study courses approved by the Dean.

In addition to academic requirements, students perform twenty hours of community service during the freshmen year.

The University Honors Program requires a student maintain a 3.0 grade point average (GPA) in Honors courses and a cumulative 3.5 at the conclusion of 60 hours of college credit and fulfill their community service requirement. Students receive an Honors Certificate at the Honors Awards Ceremony held in the fall semester of the junior year. A notation of "University Honors" will be made on their final transcript and diploma.

 Last Modified 11/8/16