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Maria de Lourdes Aitken, '13

Maria Aitken Maria graduated from the Honors College in 2013 with a concentration in Biological Chemistry. Her thesis was titled " Development of Cell-Based Assays to Screen for GABA-B Receptor Allosteric Modulators". She now attends Vanderbilt University School of Medicine.
While she was a student at the HC, Maria served as a Student Body Representative on the FAU House of Representatives, and served as a research intern at the Scripps Research Institute and the FAU Center for Molecular Biology and Biotechnology in the Neuroscience Department. Maria chose the Honors College because " offers opportunities only available in such a close-knit and ambitious environment. While the coursework is demanding, the faculty and your fellow students support you, inspire you, and help you rise to the challenges you are facing." 

Megan (Allore) Bishop, '12

Maria Aitken Megan attended the Honors College from 2008-2012. She is originally from Stuart, FL, and attended Martin County High School. She concentrated in history, writing her thesis on a 1990s feminist punk movement called riot grrrl. Megan was extremely involved at the HC, serving as a Head Orientation Week Leader and Director of the Council of Student Organizations. She was also involved in the Ambassadors, Spectrum, Enviro Club, and Homecoming Committee, representing the Jupiter campus on Homecoming Court in 2010. Megan is also a Flagler Scholar and the recipient of the 2011 Student Talon Award. Megan studied abroad in Amsterdam the summer before her senior year. After graduating from the HC, Megan served with AmeriCorps at City Year in Miami, FL. After her term of service, she continued at City Year as Evaluation Manager, tracking data for over 6000 schoolchildren, reporting to grants, and training 30 staff and 200 AmeriCorps members in data management strategies. Megan is currently enrolled at the University of North Carolina School of Law. She is pursuing a career in public interest law related to disability rights, criminal justice reform, and capital punishment defense. Additionally, Megan married fellow Honors College alum Eric Bishop. They were married May 24, 2015 at the Honors College, sharing their vows under the bougainvillea in front of friends, family, and faculty.

Blake Bailey '14

BlakeBlake, a graduate of Ely High School in Coconut Creek, Florida, enrolled at the Honors College in the Fall of 2010. He concentrated in Neuroscience and worked as an assistant to the Florida Atlantic University Program Board, as well as interned at the Max Planck Florida Institute. Outside of class, Blake was the Program Board Coordinator his senior year, the founder and Vice President of the FAU Prowlers, a school spirit organization, and founder and president of the Running Club. He is passionate about student involvement, and served as an ambassador for the Honors College, Wing Representative for MacRSA (a resident student organization), member of the Wilkes Honors College Premedical Society, and was an orientation week leader for two years. Not only was Blake an active member of the campus community, he also volunteered for the Jupiter Medical Center, and spoke at numerous conferences and award ceremonies, including LeaderShape South Florida 2012 and the opening of the Max Planck Florida Institute. You can now find him in Washington, D.C. where he is co-founder and CEO of his new app, VENN.

Skylar Benedict, '15

Skiball"I was born and lived the first four years of my life in Tallahassee but spent most of my childhood in Shepherdstown, West Virginia.
The Honors College was honestly not even on my radar until I visited some family friends who work at Harbor Branch while considering colleges my junior year of high school.
While like most I was attracted as a high schooler primarily to large, well-known universities, in retrospect going anywhere but the Honors College would have been for me a loss. Not only did the size of the student body fit the level of socializing that I preferred, but the small class size allowed my invaluable access to and time with professors who have played a potent role in shaping what I am today.
I came to the Honors College intending to major in anthropology because it seemed similar to archaeology (I’ll be honest, my interests weren’t too developed at that point) and instead discovered a dynamic and fascinating field that drove me to study and travel within not only the Middle East and North Africa, but South Asia as well. I am currently a Masters degree candidate in the Masters of Arts in Arab Studies program at Georgetown University’s Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service.
I came to Georgetown to cultivate the seed that was planted studying Arabic and Muslim communities around the world while at the Honors College. This was a seed that demanded that I view my world with a transnational perspective; a seed that drove me to seek connections disparate places, peoples, and languages, and inspired me to forge a worldview that is both interested in and compassionate towards people who live far away from me.
This is a seed that would not have been planted or nurtured in the same fashion had I not come to the Honors College."

Gabriela Botta, '05

Gabriela Botta Gabriela graduated from the Honors College in 2005 with a concentration in Biology. She did her thesis on copper supplementation's effect on cellular aging. After doing graduate work in Microbiology at FAU, she now works as a Quality Assurance Microbiologist at a firm in Florida.

Case Boeshaar, '11

Case Boeshaar Case grew up in Damascus, Syria before moving to Florida for college. He later graduated from the Honors College in 2011, with a major in Political Science. After spending some time working in education and IT in the Palm Beach area, he decided to pursue a Master's degree. In 2016, Case graduated from Georgetown University with a Master’s in Public Policy. He believes that his time with the Honors College helped prepare him for the rigors of a graduate level education. Case is currently working for the National Endowment for Democracy as a Middle East and North Africa Assistant Program Officer in Washington, DC. 

Austin Boyle, '06

Austin Boyle Austin graduated from the Honor's College in 2006 with a major in Economics. He then went on the earn a PhD in Economics from Florida State University.  You can find Austin today teaching economics at Penn State University.


Morgan Cable, '05

Morgan Cable Morgan grew up in Cape Canaveral, Florida, and was exposed to space exploration and planetary science at an early age through the Kennedy Space Center. She found FAU's Wilkes Honors College to be a "perfect fit" because of "the small class sizes, closely-knit student community, and the opportunity to do research working alongside Ph.D. professors and publish in peer-reviewed journals. 
"As a chemistry major, I received a much broader education than I would have elsewhere, with exposure to topics such as interpretation of poetry and ancient Greek philosophy in the same building where I also took organic chemistry and quantum physics. This education prepared me very well for the rigors of graduate school at the prestigious California Institute of Technology. I was able to think outside of the box and find creative solutions to problems that other students trained only in the pure sciences failed to see."
Morgan is a postdoctoral fellow at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California. She earned her Ph.D. in Inorganic Chemistry from the California Institute of Technology in 2010. She enjoys surfing, soccer, flying Cessna 172s, mountain unicycling, and teaching at a space camp in Seoul, Korea. She aspires to continue working through NASA to discover more about the universe and our place in it, and to pursue her dream of becoming a NASA Mission Specialist.


Mila Curry, '08

Mila Curry Mila graduated from the Honors College in 2008 with a concentration in Psychology. In 2011, she graduated with a Master's degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from the University of Miami.

Imarhia Enogieru, '13

Imarhia Enogieru Imarhia graduated from the Honors College in 2013 with a concentration in Biological Chemistry. She now attends Harvard Medical School. 
She fell in love with the HC because of the "...close-knit community the students and faculty create, as well as the interdisciplinary courses that allow students to learn about advances in other subjects than just their own concentration." While at the HC, Imarhia was the president of the Wilkes Pre-Medical Society, wing representative for MacRSA, and a member of the Invisible Children club, which raises money for victims of civil war in Uganda.

Paul Fletcher, '06

Paul Fletcher Paul Fletcher concentrated in History at the Honors College and now is working on his doctorate at the University of Heidelberg in Germany, where he seeks to understand the role played by the telegraph in nineteenth-century colonial governance, particularly in communication between London and colonial Sri Lanka (Ceylon). Fletcher notes that "because of the Honors College s rigorous curriculum and, at times, intense work load, I have the self confidence to grapple with the demands of a PhD and the conferences, seminars, and other academic flotsam and jetsam that go along with it.   

Samantha Fow, '08

Samantha Fow Samantha went to Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy before joining the Honors College in 2005. She graduated from the Honors College in 2008 with a concentration in Economics, and currently attends Vermont Law School, which offers one of the nation's top programs in environmental law. She was elected the Environmental Editor for the 2011-2012 Vermont Law Review, and recently accepted an offer to clerk for the Environmental Protection Agency. 
Samantha feels that "the education that I received at the Honors College was integral to my success in law school, and formative to my professional identity. As an Economics major, I was exposed to a rigorous and thought-provoking program that taught me concepts that I apply every day studying environmental and energy regulation." Samantha did her honors thesis on "The Political Economy of Domestic Corn Ethanol Production," and she notes that "the EPA actually asked me about my thesis during my interview for the summer clerkship, and I was able to explain exactly how writing the paper helped me to channel my academic interests into a professional pursuit."






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