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Abstract Submission Instructions
See Important Dates for deadlines.

Your abstract of 150 words or less should describe succinctly the major result or point of your presentation.  The abstract provides an opportunity for you to draw an audience to your presentation, so try to make the abstract both interesting and informative.  You are required to consult with your thesis advisor or your course instructor for advice on writing your abstract. 

Instructions: Fill out the online form, found here, by 5 pm, Friday, March 23, 2012.

Title – No limit in size, but please be reasonable.

Author(s) – List all people who contributed significantly to this research.  List the presenting author first.

Email – The primary email address of the presenting author should be included.  Email addresses of other authors may be given as well.

Abstract – No more than 150 words.  This is a concise summary of the work to be presented (see example below).

Sample Abstract

An increase in task difficulty or in time pressure during the performance of cognitive tasks decreased the ability of older adults to recall the tasks at a later time.  Adult age differences in recall of cognitive tasks were smaller for easier than for more difficult tasks, and age differences were smaller for cognitive tasks without time pressure than for tasks with time pressure.  Older adults may have difficulty remembering difficult cognitive tasks and tasks with time pressure because of an increase in anxiety.  During difficult or time pressured cognitive tasks, older adults may have trouble inhibiting negative thoughts about their performance, and thus they may devote fewer working memory resources to aspects of the tasks that would be beneficial for task recall.

Type of presentation – Check the appropriate box(es) for your work.  If you will be presenting something other than a talk or poster, please provide information regarding how the work will be displayed.

Type of project – If this is a senior thesis project, indicate the expected semester of graduation (e.g., Spring 10). If this is work assigned for a course, provide course number and name (e.g., ISC 4933 – Data Analysis).  If you are presenting work completed for another purpose, such as an internship, please provide brief details.

Advisor/Professor – List your thesis advisor or course professor as appropriate.  If the project was completed for some other purpose, list the person responsible for overseeing the project.



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