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Faculty Committees 2013-14


Presiding Officer: Warren McGovern

Secretary: Jon Moore

Chairs: Timothy Steigenga, Paul Kirchman

Curriculum Writing
Njambi, Strain, Fewkes, Harrawood (chair), Dragojlovic, Lemeh, Flanigan, Tunick (ex officio) Moore, Harrawood, Luria
Promotion and Tenure Academic Affairs
Canete-Quesada, Corr, Dragojlovic, Earles, Ely, Fewkes, Harrawood, Hoim, Jakee, Kirchman, Lanning (chair), Lemeh, McGovern, Moore, Njambi, Nur-Tegin, O'Brien, Smith, Steigenga, Strain, Tunick, Vázquez, Vernon, Wetterer, White White, Njambi, Vazquez, Ely, Vernon, Flanigan
Admissions By-Laws
McGovern, Steigenga, Hoim, Kirchman, Canete-Quesada, Corr, Nur-tegin White, Vazquez, Strain
Symposium Faculty Development Awards
Njambi, Chandrasekhar, Lemeh, O'Brien, Kundalkar, Vernon, Nur-tegin Blue, Kirchman, Corr
University Research Committee Wetterer
University Petitions Flanigan, Tunick
Campus Housing O'Brien
Campus Library White
UUPC Curriculum Chair
OIT Nur-tegin/Ely (spring)
Research Council Dragojlovic
UFS Honors and Awards Wetterer
Faculty Awards Nomination Committee Moore, Hoim, Vernon
Honors Council Curriculum Chair
UFS Representative Moore, Lanning
UFS Admission and Retention Dragojlovic
University P&T TBD
Lifelong Learning Earles
Core Curriculum Committee TBD
UFS Academic Freedom
FAU Council on International Education Corr
Administrative Professional's Day Gifts & Winter Holiday Gifts TBD
Prestige Scholarships O'Brien, Kirchman, White, Ely, Tunick, Flanigan
E-Learning Fewkes, Chandrasekhar
Tech Fee Committee White
University WAC Luria
Finals Oasis Blue, McGovern, Fewkes
Flagler Mentor TBD
Assessment / ALC Tunick, Luria
NCAA O'Brien
Campus Rec O'Brien
Arboretum O'Brien
Sustainability O'Brien

Committee Archive

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