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From off-campus all numbers are (561) 799 ****.   On campus just dial 6 and the last 4 digits (dial 7 + 4 digits for Boca).





Allard, Stephanie M. Affiliate Research Assistant Professor of Psychology (n/a) (TBA)
Almonte, Mauricio Visiting Instructor of Spanish   HA 113
Blue, Meredith Instructor of Mathematics 8342 HC 147
Buller, Jeffrey Dean; Professor of Classics 8579 HC 134
Cañete Quesada, Carmen Associate Professor of Spanish (on leave with Fulbright, 2013-14) 8674 HC 105
Chandrasekhar, Chitra Instructor of Chemistry 8637 RF 208
Corr, Rachel Associate Professor of Anthropology 8018 HC 108
Dragojlovic, Veljko Associate Professor of Chemistry 8012 RF 212
Earles, Julie Associte Professor of Psychology (on sabbatical 2013-14) 8612 HC 161
Ely, Christopher Associate Professor of History (on sabbatical Fall 2013) 8607 HC 102
Fewkes, Jacqueline Associate Professor of Anthropology 8609 HC 164
Fowler, Christie Affiliate Assistant Professor of Neuroscience 8320 WB 217
Harrawood, Michael Associate Professor of English 8617 HC 174
Hess, John Joseph Visiting Assistant Professor of American Literature 8649 HC 101
Hõim, Terje Associate Professor of Mathematics 8673 HC 150
Jakee, Keith Associate Professor of Economics (on sabbatical 2013-14) 8131 HA 112
Kersten, Alan Associate Professor of Psychology - Courtesy Appointment (n/a) WB 221
Kirchman, Paul Associate Professor of Biology; Chair - Math/Sciences 8676 RF 105
Kundalkar, Shree Director, Academic Support Services for Chemistry 8675 HC 144
Lanning, Kevin Professor of Psychology 8652 WB 213
Lemeh, Dorotha Associate Professor of Studio Art 8019 HA 106
Luria, Rachel Assistant Professor of Rhetoric and Composition 8381 HC 175
Macleod, Gregory Associate Professor of Biology    
Maple, Terry Affiliate Professor of Psychology (n/a) WB 219
McGovern, Warren Associate Professor of Mathematics 8028 HC 162
McLaughlin, Amy Affiliate Faculty in Philosophy 8586 HA 125
Moore, Jon Professor of Biology 8025 RF 108
Njambi, Wairimũ Associate Professor of Women’s Studies and Sociology 8016 HC 148
Nur-tegin, Kanybek Associate Professor of Economics 8650 HA 121
O’Brien, William Associate Professor of Environmental Studies 8033 HC 151
Richardson, Susan Affiliate Research Assistant Professor of Biology (n/a) RF 109
Riordan, Sheilagh Affiliate Assistant Professor of French (n/a) (n/a)
Schimmel, April Associate Director, Academic Support Services, Biology 8677 RF 106
Slavin, Michael Affiliated Instructor, Law    
Smith, Eugene Professor of Chemistry 8023 RF 206
Steigenga, Timothy Professor of Political Science; Chair - Humanities/Soc. Sci. 8610 HC 104
Strain, Christopher Associate Professor of American Studies and History 8017 HC 103
Tunick, Mark Professor of Political Science, Associate Dean 8670 HC 133
Vázquez, Miguel Associate Professor of Hispanic Literature (on sabbatical Fall 2013) 8654 HA 114
Vernon, Laura Associate Professor of Psychology 8411 HA 115
Wetterer, Jim Professor of Biology 8648 RF 110
White, Daniel Professor of Philosophy 8651 HC 146
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