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Wilkes Medical Scholars Program


Additional Program Details

Medical Scholars (BA/MD) Program Expectations and Requirements: Undergraduate Portion of the program

Students are expected to finish each undergraduate semester with a GPA of at least 3.5. Single semester GPAs lower than 3.5 will trigger an automatic review by the Medical Scholars Committee for continuation in the program. There is no semester requirement for a science (BCPM) GPA, the science GPA for promotion to the College of Medicine (after three years) is 3.5.

All students must exhibit the high moral and ethical values of studying and practicing medicine at all times during their undergraduate enrollment. Failure to do so will be cause for instant dismissal from the program. Students who are dismissed or wish to leave the program may continue their enrollment at FAU provided they meet eligibility requirements.

Students may opt, with the approval of the Medical Scholars Committee, to delay their entry to medical school by one year to broaden their education or personal experiences prior to entering medical school. This fourth year option is available only to students in good standing (3.5 or higher GPA). The fourth year option is not available to make up any MCAT, GPA, or coursework deficiencies. To request an extension of the undergraduate curriculum, students must present a clear, written plan of what they plan to accomplish during the additional year. In no case may students delay their entry to the College of Medicine by more than one year. To be accepted to the College of Medicine at the end of the optional year, applicants must complete an AMCAS application complete with a personal statement describing their activities during the optional year and how they strengthened the individual’s motivation to study medicine.

Students may not enter the Medical School in fewer than 3 years following their matriculation at the Honors College. The Medical Scholars Program is a “restricted” program. This means that students in the program may not apply to any other LCME accredited medical schools without the permission of the Medical Scholars Program Committee. Students who make application to other medical schools lose their assured acceptance at the FAU College of Medicine and must apply as a regular applicant.

In addition to the requirements stated above, all Medical Scholars students are expected to participate in a patient care experience throughout each summer of their undergraduate program. This involves direct patient contact (in a hospital or clinic, hospice, or possibly a physician’s office but not in an office of a parent or family friend). Each Fall or Spring semester of their undergraduate program students are expected to either do a medical-related enrichment experience (examples are listed below) or take a Medical Elective course. Students must keep a reflective daily log (diary) of their enrichment experiences and summer patient‐care experiences.

Fall/Spring Enrichment experiences can be any of the following:
1. Direct patient contact (in hospital or clinic, hospice, possibly physician’s office but not with parents or parent's friend).
2. Community health volunteer (migrant farmworkers, homeless, socioeconomically disadvantaged, underserved)
3. Introduction to medical‐related research (e.g. at Scripps)
4. Medical‐related employment (work‐study, hospital, research, commercial)
5. Study abroad/teach abroad/volunteer abroad in health care setting
6. Medical scribe or medical translator activities
7. Thesis (current topics in medicine in a form suitable for publication in a peer‐reviewed journal)

Expectations and requirements for promotion to the College of Medicine

Medical Scholars students must apply for admission to the College of Medicine. The admissions process includes completing and submitting the following documents:
1. Verified AMCAS application (including personal statement and letters of recommendation from faculty sent through the AMCAS letters program), and a secondary application
2. Letters of progress from mentors who directed the student's non‐classroom activities above
3. MCAT composite score of at least 29 with no score lower than 7
4. Cumulative undergraduate average of 3.5 and a science GPA of at least 3.5 (both determined by AMCAS)
5. Submission of daily activity logs for all non‐classroom experiences undertaken

All Medical Scholars students will be interviewed by the Medical Scholars Committee to assess their personal readiness to start medical school. As alternatives to promotion to the College of Medicine, the committee may, at its discretion, require the student to take an additional year of undergraduate preparation or to dismiss the student from the program. The requirements for promotion after three years of undergraduate training remain in effect for promotion after an optional or required fourth year of undergraduate training.

Once promoted to the College of Medicine, Medical Scholars are subject to all requirements, responsibilities and privileges as all other medical students. Among the forms that must be completed prior to matriculation are:
1. Immunization form
2. Health forms
3. Health insurance form
4. Residency statement

All residency documents must be submitted well before matriculation so that a residency determination can be made for tuition assessment. Medical Scholars students are eligible for the same types of financial assistance offered to all other medical students.

Medical Scholars students will be awarded the BA degree (if not already awarded) after satisfactorily completing the requirements for the degree and after successfully completing all courses in the first year curriculum at the College of Medicine. The MD degree will be awarded by the Schmidt College of Medicine after satisfactory completion of the MD curriculum

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