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Course Notes for Spring 2014


Register soon for the following courses; there's still some room left!

SYP 4803-001 Honors Gender and Technology
ARH 2000-002 Honors Art Appreciation
AML 4930-001 Honors Spec Top: Pynchon
SPN 2221-003 Honors Interm Span Lang/Cult 2
EUH 3575-001 Honors Russian History 1
ANT 3332-001 Honors Peoples of Latin Amer
AMH 4932-001 Honors Spec Topics: The 1960's
EUH 4930-002 Honors British Empire
POS 3691-004 Honors Law & American Society
POS 4414-001 Honors The U.S. Presidency
POS 4604-003 Honors Constitutional Law 2

TR 2-3:20 pm
MW 12:30-1:50 pm
MW 9:30-10:50 am
TR 11 am-12:50 pm
TR 9:30-10:50 am
TR 2-3:20 pm
MW 9:30-10:50 am
MW 9:30-10:50 am
M 7:10-10 pm
TR 9:30-10:50 am
T 3-5:50 pm

Instructor: Njambi
Instructor: Lemeh
Instructor: Hess
Instructor: Almonte
Instructor: Ely
Instructor: Corr
Instructor: Strain
Instructor: Banks
Instructor: Lewis
Instructor: Feinman
Instructor: Atkins

CRN 27619
CRN 27952
CRN 26699
CRN 12081
CRN 26704
CRN 26688
CRN 26710
CRN 27393
CRN 25257
CRN 27357
CRN 27484

Please see the Spring 2014 Schedule or Course Grid for a full list of courses.


Important note regarding Prerequisites: If the Banner system does not let you register for a course because you lack a prereq, this may be because Banner is enforcing a prereq that the Boca version of the course has but that the Honors College does not have. Please email the instructor and they can give you permission to register.

We are aware that this is the case for the courses in the table below.
It may also occur for: other Art courses; LIT 2030; ECO 2013, or other courses.

Any and all students are welcome to take the following courses. Please contact the professor to override the preregistration requirement.

S14 Pre-req override needed


Select Course Descriptions:

IDS 3932 Honors Ethnomathematics is being offered twice. It meets for 5 weeks, and one section will meet the first 5 weeks, and the other will meet the 2nd five weeks. Only sign up for one section.

IDS 3930 Honors Law in the Real World is a 1-credit class designed for students in all disciplines. Each week a different field of law will be discussed by a different lawyer who specializes in that field. Sessions on patent and contract law will be of special interest to students in the sciences; other sessions will focus on, for example, family, immigration, and juvenile law. There are no prerequisites. The course does not satisfy the critical inquiry seminar (team-taught) requirement but is recommended for any student interested in real life applications of law that touch on a wide range of disciplines.


Other Notes

Wait List: The registrar will use an automatic wait list for most courses in the Honors College. If a student registers for a course that is full, they can select a dropdown menu and click "Wait List" to be put on the wait list. Then they will be notified by email when a space opens. The student will have 36 hours to register for the course upon receiving the email; if they do not register in that time, they lose their spot on the wait list, and the next person on the list will be notified by email that they can register for the class within 36 hours. Students are therefore advised to check their fau email account at least once a day. Faculty still have the ability to permit a student who absolutely needs a course to register for it without being put on a wait list.

Attending first class: Students who do not attend the first class of the semester without prior approval of the instructor should expect to be dropped from that course.


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