Honors College Forum Schedule- Fall 2019

Forums take place in AD auditorium on Fridays, 1-1:50pm.
Faculty, staff, students, and guests are welcome to attend.

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8/23. Freshman Book Discussion: Dr Chris Strain

8/30. Cancelled due to hurricane.

9/6. Dr. Jim Wetterer, "Them"

9/13. Professional Correspondence and Peer Editing

9/20. Liberal Arts Education: Discussion

9/27. Thriving & Striving: Breakout Groups*

10/4. Dr. Nicholas Baima, "Disagreement, Tastes, and Opinion: On the Status of Moral Facts"

10/11. Dr. Johanna Kowalko, “Understanding the evolution of albinism in the cavefish Astyanax mexicanus”

10/18. Dr. Mark Tunick, “Should minors have a right to refuse medical treatment against their parents’ wishes?”

10/25. Translating Research and Theory for Everyday Use: Writing Breakout Groups*

11/1. Dr. Jon Moore, “Investigating the Deep Pelagic Animals in the Northern Gulf of Mexico after the BP Oil Spill”

11/8. Dr. Laura Vernon, “The Adaptive and Maladaptive Aspects of Emotion”

11/15. Dr. Ashley Kennedy, "What is Philosophy?"

11/22. Prof. Annina Ruest, “Entertainment Robots”

*Breakout Group meetings will occur in different classrooms. Be sure to check Canvas announcements and your email to determine your breakout group room.