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Jennifer Geiser-Chiampou, '02

Jennifer Geiser Jennifer was part of the inaugural class of the Harriet L. Wilkes Honors College when it first opened its doors in 1999, majoring in a designed concentration of Law & Economics before going on to earn a JD at Georgetown University Law Center. Since then, Jennifer has worked for large international law firms and as in house counsel at a Fortune 500 company before transitioning to the Brand Strategy team responsible for TV and Radio advertising. Jennifer is currently leading the company's Private Brand growth strategies for Technology and Imaging Solutions, bringing innovative solutions and great value alternatives to consumers and businesses of all sizes. None of this has been quite as challenging (or rewarding) as raising two awesome little girls with her Husband, Mark.

Jensen Grant, '06

Austin Boyle Jensen graduated in 2006 from the Honors College with a major in Political Science, and went to law school at American University's Washington College of Law.  Upon receiving his law degree in 2009 he returned to South Florida where he works at the local law firm at which he interned while at the Honors College.

Adam Iglesias, '03

Adam Iglesias Adam graduated from Palm Beach Gardens High School in 1999 and was a member of the inaugural class at the Honors College, graduating in 2003 with a concentration in Psychology and minors in Spanish and Biology. After graduation, Adam obtained his Master s in Experimental Psychology at FAU in 2005 and then received his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2010. Presently, he is in private practice in Palm Beach Gardens, FL and is an adjunct instructor at FAU.
"At the Honors College I learned how to write at the graduate school level and process large quantities of information. The Honors College lets you develop intimate working relationships with your professors. I fell in love with research, teaching, and academia at the Honors College. It provided me with a foundation and set the stage for my future training as a clinical psychologist."

Elizabeth Johnson, '13

Elizabeth Johnson Elizabeth arrived at the Honors College in the Fall of 2010 from Polk State College's Collegiate High School in Lakeland, FL. She majored in Anthropology with a concentration in Environmental Studies.
While at the HC, Elizabeth was active in campus life and served as president of both the Environmental Club and the Anthropology Club. Elizabeth loved the community created at the Honors College because "[all of] the students and professors have an appreciation for one another's disciplines and interests, and this creates a really strong feeling of community that stretches from the classrooms to the professors' offices, from the residence halls to the dining hall, and every place in between."

Melissa Karlin, '02

Melissa Karlin Melissa, who majored in Biology at the Honors College and did her thesis on the movement of gopher tortoises, earned her Ph.D. at the University of North Carolina in Charlotte, where she used remote sensing and GIS to analyze habitat quality indicators for red wolf colonization in North Carolina. Her research involves analyzing historical land use changes in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem to identify habitat loss as it applies to the gray wolf.
Following the completion of her Ph.D., Melissa went on to work as an environmental scientist in Ft. Lauderdale, then as an Assistant Professor of Wildlife Ecology at Saint Mary's University in San Antonio, Texas.

Echo Keif, '08

Echo Keif The Honors College is like clay in your hands, you can mold it and your experiences into whatever you want, says Echo Keif, who came to the Honors College from Vanguard High School (Ocala, FL). Echo enjoys art so much that she founded an art-based Student Government club called Different Strokes and painted a mural on the wall in the Dining Hall. Echo concentrated in Economics and Interdisciplinary Mathematics and wants to become a professor of Economics. She now is getting her Ph.D. in Economics at George Mason.

Kristina Klaas, '11

Kristina Klaas Kristina graduated from the Honors College in 2011 with a concentration in International Studies and minor in Spanish. During her years as a student Kristina received various awards, including the Distinguished Community Service Award in 2010 and 2011, Owl of the Year – MacArthur Campus, and O’Hagan Scholar. As an Honors College student, Kristina studied abroad in Guatemala, interned at El Sol, Jupiter’s Neighborhood Resource Center as Grant Writer and member of the Development Committee, served as a Breakthrough Miami student mentor, and interned with Summerbridge Hong Kong.
In addition to her academic pursuits, Kristina was involved in numerous on-campus clubs and activities. Kristina was the President for the Corn Maya Club and coordinated Fiesta Maya, an annual community-wide celebration of Mayan culture in Jupiter, and student volunteers for adult ESL classes at El Sol. She also served as the Special Events Coordinator for the MacArthur Campus Ambassadors and was involved in campus clubs such as SAVI (Students Advocating Volunteer Involvement) and Enviro Club. The Honors College provided Kristina with the opportunity “to receive a highly personal and well-rounded education. Becoming involved in the Honors College is very easy to do and everyone is a part of the HC community and family. I would never have had the same experience at any other institution.”
Kristina is presently Development Associate with Palm Beach Opera where she writes grants, maintains all grant reporting, and assists with donor relations and special events.

Alex Lange, '12

Maria Aitken Alex came to the Honors College in the Fall of 2008, having just graduated from William T. McFatter Technical High School in Davie, FL. Alex was a Leadership Scholar, providing him with financial aid as he continued being a leader on campus. During his time at the HC, Alex was involved in a number of organizations, including Spectrum, MacRSA, Program Board, Campus Ambassadors, the House of Representatives, and the Jupiter PrOWLers. In his senior year, Alex was elected Campus Governor through Student Government. Alex also interned with Compass, Inc. in Lake Worth, FL and Loyola University in Chicago, IL. Having graduated in 2012, he is now working on his M.Ed. in College Student Affairs Administration at the University of Georgia. His degree will be conferred in May 2014.

Alex loved his experience at the HC because "...it allowed me to have a variety of opportunities academically and socially, but my peers are some of the best people I have ever met and those I will keep near and dear for a lifetime. I developed into someone I never thought I could be."

Kathryn Lewis, '04

Kathryn Lewis Kathryn came to the Honors College from Jupiter High School and concentrated in Political Science. At Stetson Law School, she served as an articles & symposia editor on the Stetson Law Review, which published her law review comment "Streets of Wrath: The Constitutionality of the Town of Jupiter's Non-Solicitation Ordinance." After graduating from Stetson, she returned to Palm Beach County and began her legal career at Gunster Yoakley, where she practiced in the areas of business and employment litigation. Kathryn then transitioned into criminal law and is currently an Assistant State Attorney for the State of Florida, handling various felony cases including DUIs, economic crimes, burglaries, organized thefts, drug trafficking and violent crimes, including weapons or serious bodily injuries.
This Fall, Kathryn returns to the Honors College as an adjunct faculty member, teaching Law and Society. "Returning to the Honors College is both a privilege and a dream. As I've continued throughout my legal education and career, I've realized that the Honors College prepared me not only to love learning because it will help me succeed, but to love learning just for learning's sake.
Read the article When the Student Becomes the Master: Honors College Alumna Returns As a Professor.

Wendy Martinez-Vulin, '06

Wendy Martinez Wendy Martinez-Vulin is a graduate student at the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University. She is concentrating in Conflict Resolution and Government with a regional focus in Latin America. Wendy received her Bachelor s degree in International Studies from the Honors College in 2006.
From 2006 to 2010, Wendy worked at the Organization of American States (OAS) in Washington, D.C. and witnessed over 25 electoral processes in the region, allowing her to experience firsthand the strengths and challenges of the region s democratic institutions.
A native Nicaraguan, Wendy is interested in strengthening the relationship between the United States and Latin America by helping to create effective and sustainable foreign policies between the two regions.
Wendy is the Director for Career Development for the Latin American Graduate Organization at Georgetown University. In her spare time she enjoys running, yoga, traveling with her husband, and playing a great game of Scrabble.

Jenny McIvor, '04

Jenny McIvor Jennifer ( Jenny ) McIvor is a 2004 graduate of the Harriet L. Wilkes Honors College who concentrated in Environmental Studies and now works as Environmental Coordinator for the MidAmerican Energy Company (owned by investor Warren Buffet) at the Walter Scott Jr. Energy Center in Council Bluffs, Iowa. Her main tasks center on ensuring strict compliance with environmental regulations and permit requirements governing the company s state-of-the-art power plant. In her own words, My job is to make sure the plant achieves and maintains compliance with those permits, with zero tolerance for violations.
After graduating from the Honors College, Ms. McIvor completed her MS in Environmental Management from Yale University ( 08) and a JD in Environmental Law ( 07) from the Vermont Law School. She served as a clerk for the Nebraska Attorney General and for The Wilderness Society in Washington, DC. Jenny was admitted to practice law in the State of Nebraska in September 2008. She is the Honors College Distinguished Alumna for 2009.
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