Department of History
Boyd Breslow
Ph.D., Ohio State University
Associate Professor

Areas of Expertise
Ancient World (Greek Civilization, Roman Civilization)
Medieval Europe
Medieval England
Methodology and Historiography

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Dr. Breslow specializes in  Medieval history with an emphasis on western Europe and England. His research interests include primarily Medieval England, particularly constitutional and administrative developments, and medieval London.

Dr. Breslow's publications include "The Social and Economic Interest of Richer de Refham. Lord Mayor of London," Journal of Medieval History; "The Ambiguities of Political Loyalties in Edwardian England," Medieval Prosopography; and "London Merchants and the Origins of the House of Commons," Medieval Prosopography.

Undergraduate Courses
  • Western Civ
  • World Civ. I
  • Hellenic and Hellenistic Civ (Greece)
  • Roman Republic and Empire
  • Medieval Europe
  • Medieval England
  • Medieval English Constitutional History
  • Medieval Intellectual History
  • Ancient Near East
  • Renaissance/Reformation
  • England since 1870
  • American Survey
  • Historiography and Methodology
  • Medieval art history
  • Introduction to Historical Study
Graduate Courses
  • Graduate seminars in ancient and medieval Europe
  • Graduate reading course in medieval England



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