Department of History
Kristen Block
Ph.D., Rutgers University
Associate Professor

Areas of Expertise
Early Modern Atlantic World
Age of Revolutions 
Women's and Gender History
Religious History
Atlantic Slavery
Caribbean History (to Emancipation)

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Dr. Block recently completed her first monograph, Ordinary Lives in the Early Caribbean:  Religion, Colonial Competition, and the Politics of Profit (University of Georgia Press, June 2012), a comparative microhistorical study of Christianity in the early spanish and British Caribbean.  She has begun work on a second prloject, tentatively entitled Health, Disease, and the Spirit:  Religion, Healing and the Colonial Body in the Early Caribbean, on how people in Spanish and British Caribbean colonies conceptualized disease and its connection to spiritual health---both of the individual body and of the social body.

Dr. Block works with graduate and undergraduate students through the conceptual field of Atlantic History.  Her courses focus on both top-down and bottom-up issues in the social and cultural history of colonial North and South America and the Caribbean.



 Undergraduate Courses

  • AMH 4133 Revolutionary Age
  • AMH 4110 Colonial America
  • HIS 4451 Slavery in the New World
  • HIS 4435 Religion in the Atlantic World
  • HIS 3150 Historical Methods/Microhistory and Biography in the Atlantic World
  • HIS 4935 Senior Seminar/American Revolutions in Atlantic Context

 Graduate Courses

  • HIS 5904 Readings in Comparative History/The Atlantic World
  • HIS 6939 Seminar in Comparative History/Revolutionary Age in Atlantic Context
  • HIS 5944 Teaching Practicum

Curriculum Vitae (Available upon request)



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