Dr. C. Dana Bossart Necropsy Laboratory


Protect Wild Dolphin plate  Protect Florida Whales plate


 This research is funded by proceeds from the Protect Wild Dolphins and Protect Florida Whales specialty license plates.



  • Multiple post-mortem forensic examinations
  • Live video conferencing of necropsy procedures
  • Long-term storage of representative biological tissue samples
  • Long-term storage of paper records


  • 2 custom-designed stainless-steel surgical tables
  • Large walk in cooler
  • Stainless steel surgical grade knives, dissection tools, and cutting boards
  • Compound microscope
  • On-site computer station
  • Advance video conferencing camera
  • Records room/technician offices
  • Climate control
  • Specialized hood for tissue processing and preparation


Last Modified 4/4/14