Specialty License Plate-supported Research

Granted through the Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute Foundation, the proceeds of sales of these license plates support innovative and applied research involving animals, ecosystems and issues of importance to the people of Florida.   Watch a short video to learn more. 


  aqua   Aquaculture

Advancement of Land-Based  Integrated Multi-trophic Aquaculture (Full Study, Year 3)

Paul Wills (with Dennis Hanisak, Anni Dalgleish, Mingshun Jiang, Susan Laramore, Peter McCarthy, Bing Ouyang, Shirley Pomponi)


Determining the Market and Nutritional Value for Sea Vegetable Aquaculture

Megan Davis (with Dennis Hanisak, Paul Wills)


  pfw Protect Florida Whales   

Florida Whale Stranding Response, Care and Research

Steve Burton (with Adam Schaefer, Annie Page-Karjian)

Marine Mammal Reserve Funds

Steve Burton (with Adam Schaefer, Annie Page-Karjian)


pwd Protect Wild Dolphins

Epidemiology, Pathology and Population Health

Adam Schaefer  (with Annie Page-Karjian)

Photo Identification – Dolphin Census and Spatiotemporal Trends

Marilyn Mazzoil 

Wild Dolphin Stranding Response, Care and Research

Steve Burton  (with Adam Schaefer, Annie Page-Karjian)

Marine Mammal Reserve Funds

Steve Burton (with Adam Schaefer, Annie Page-Karjian)

Dolphins as Sentinels for Harmful Algal Bloom Toxins in the Indian River Lagoon: An Interdisciplinary Study

Jim Sullivan  (with Adam Schaefer, Malcolm McFarland, Spencer Fire)


  sos Save Our Seas


An Innovative Approach to Sponge Community Restoration

Shirley Pomponi   (with Maria Cristina Diaz)

The Indian River Lagoon Observatory: Ecosystem Function of a Nationally Important Estuary in Transition (Full Study, Year 3)

Dennis Hanisak

Florida Deep-water Marine Biodiversity: Digitization of Submersible Videotapes for Research, Education, and Conservation

John Reed (with Shirley Pomponi, Amy Wright, Dennis Hanisak)

Improving Monitoring and Understanding of Phytoplankton and Harmful Algal Blooms in the Southern Indian River Lagoon

James Sullivan (with Dennis Hanisak, Malcolm McFarland)

Determining New Sediment Metrics for Seagrass Restoration Monitoring

Dennis Hanisak  (with Jordan Beckler)

Water Quality and Biological Responses of Florida Bay to Freshwater Discharges

Mingshun Jiang  (with Brian Lapointe)

Characterizing Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons in the Indian River Lagoon

Amy Wright  (with Esther Guzmán)

Differential Gene and Protein Expression on Triple Negative Breast Cancer Cells Treated with a Marine Natural Compound

Esther Guzmán  (with Amy Wright)