Aquaculture Resources



The Conch's Life Story (DVD) Free while supplies last.

This five-minute video highlights reproductive biology, larval development, and juvenile stage development of cultured queen conch, and features superb videomicroscopy shot by award-winning Harbor Branch videographer Brian Cousin. Production of the video was made possible by the support of Harbor Branch, the Keys Marine Conservancy, the Disney Wildlife Conservation Fund, and the Sheila Johnson Brutsch Charitable Trust. To order, please contact Dr. Paul Wills.

Hurricane Preparedness for Florida Aquaculture ProducersFree while supplies last
Harbor Branch and the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Division of Aquaculture have developed a DVD to teach farmers how to protect their crops and facilities from storm damage by addressing site selection, facility design, facility preparation in anticipation of a storm, and response procedures after a storm has passed. A special emphasis is placed on personal safety and well-being. The DVD addresses a variety of production formats including offshore and onshore clam farming; pond production of fish, shrimp and ornamentals; greenhouse and indoor production including recirculating systems; and production techniques used by academic institutions and the research community. To order, please contact Dr. Paul Wills.

Last Modified 2/9/16