Principal Investigator

John Scarpa Ph.D.
Research Professor


Research overview

Dr. Scarpa's primary research area is bivalve aquaculture in the fields of culture and breeding. His research has included genomic modifications of bivalves for breeding purposes, mineral nutrition effects on fish health, culture of marine shrimp in fresh water for inland aquaculture, and tunicate culture for biomedical and bioremediation applications.


Current projects

Scarpa, J. and Garr, A.  2011-2013. An Initiative to Design and Demonstrate a Prototype Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture System for Sustainable Land-Based Aquaculture: Extractive Component – Sea Urchins.  Funding: sales of Aquaculture Florida specialty license plates 

Scarpa, J.  2010-2013. Enhancing Florida Hard Clam Production through Broodstock Development, Improved Harvest Practices, and Species Diversification.  Funding: subcontract from University of Florida as funded by USDA-NIFA Special Research Grant 

Baker, S.M., Scarpa, J. and Sturmer, L.N.  2010-2013. Preparing for Climate Change: Increasing Hard Clam Production and Survival in the Southeastern United States Using Biomarkers of Thermal Tolerance.  Funding: National Sea Grant – Aquaculture Research 

Scarpa, J. and El-Wazzan, E.  2010-2013. Biomarker Assisted Selection for Disease Resistance in Clams for Establishing Egyptian and Improving American Bivalve Aquaculture.  Funding: Egypt Joint Board on Scientific and Technological Cooperation

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