Student Government

Student Government (SG) is a body of students that work together to represent and empower the student voice. Florida Atlantic University’s SG models the national government in that there are three branches: executive, legislative and judicial. In addition to being the governing body on each campus, the SG represents students’ interest in local and state government. Student Government in Boca Raton houses both the University-wide and Boca Raton SG branch. Student Government is always looking for interested students who would like to aid in special projects, investigative commissions and ad hoc committees. SG also is one of the largest employees of student on-campus. Your activity and service fees go toward funding the following diverse areas, which enhance your life at FAU. The following are University-wide and Boca Raton programs:



SG is dedicated to being both the official voice and governing body of the student population. As a prominent faction of student life, we are honored to be involved in various avenues of service such as policy-making, adjudication, programming, lobbying, and community service. SG is as diverse as the University through which it operates, recognizing that collective leadership can only be achieved through understanding and cooperation.

On the Boca Raton campus, the Student Body President and Vice-President oversee all campuses, and the Boca Raton Campus Governor directly addresses the needs of the students on the Boca Raton campus. Phone: (561) 297-3740.



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