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Dean's Message


Deborah L. Floyd

 Dean of the Graduate College
and Professor


I am deeply honored to have recently been named the Dean of the Graduate College at Florida Atlantic University. During my 13 years as a professor, I have had the distinct pleasure of guiding countless students through their research projects, including chairing over 25 doctoral dissertations.

Serving as the Interim Dean for the past year deepened my appreciation for graduate research in all disciplines, including the arts, sciences, business, engineering, education, nursing, medicine, social inquiry, and administration.

Graduate students across all disciplines require research funding in order to complete their graduate studies. FAU does not have a university-wide initiative to financially support graduate student research. Due to this immense need, the University Faculty Senate, University Graduate Council, and Graduate & Professional Student Association have all supported the establishment of a fund for graduate student research.

Because I believe graduate student research is of paramount importance, I have personally contributed $5,000 to establish a special fund for this purpose. Will you join me in helping our graduate students by making a contribution to the newly founded Graduate Student Research Fund ? Please click here to contribute. Together we can make a difference.

With best regards,
Deborah L. Floyd, Dean of the Graduate College and Professor

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