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Teaching Eligibility and Participation

All International Teaching Assistants are required to successfully pass a Panel Review prior to beginning their teaching assignments. To pass the Panel Review, each International Teaching Assistant must give a Panel Presentation, consisting of a ten-minute lecture. Additional details about the Panel Review and Presentation are provided in the Panel Review section below.

Some students may be eligible to waive participation in the SITA program and can make this request by completing Form 13 - Request to Waive SITA Training. Note: Students must meet all requirements listed on Form 13. Those students requesting a waiver will have the opportunity to pass the Panel Review prior to the start of the SITA program.

The first week of the course is mandatory for all International Teaching Assistants who have not previously received a waiver and/or passed the required Panel Review. (Note: Existing FAU international graduate teaching assistants are exempt from fulfilling this requirement).

Students who score below 61 on the iBT TOEFL (or equivalent), under 55 on the SPEAK test, or under 65 on the Phone Pass oral proficiency will be required to attend both the initial week of SITA training, and the extended SITA program, which meets for nine additional sessions throughout the fall semester. (All other ITA's not passing the panel review during the initial week of training will be required to attend the nine week session as well.)

SITA requires a genuine commitment from the graduate student both to participate and to be successful. Students are expected to be punctual and attend all sessions. Any student whose attendance, participation, or performance falls below minimum standards may be dropped from the program.

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