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Is the SITA program mandatory?

Yes. All International Teaching Assistants for whom English is not their native language must attend the first week of the course and pass the Panel Presentation.

How often is the SITA program offered?

The SITA program is offered once a year, prior to the beginning of classes in August.

What if I do not pass the Panel Presentation?

If a student is not recommend as "ready to teach" by the panel, he/she needs to attend the extended SITA program during the fall semester and pass the final presentation.

Is participation in the extended SITA program mandatory?

The extended program is mandatory for all the ITAs who do not pass the initial presentation panel.

How can I request to waive the SITA training?

Students must meet all the requirements listed on Form 13.

Does the ITA who is eligible for a waiver still need to make a presentation?


 Last Modified 8/11/14