Previous Session Materials From Fall 2012:

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Organization Skills.ppt

Presentation Skills.ppt

Communication Skills.ppt

Learning the Language.ppt

Navigating the Classroom.ppt

Professional Developments- Prezi for SITA:

Materials From Other Universities and Websites:

Teaching Strategies:

University of Nebraska:

Teaching in the U.S. Classroom:

Asking Effective Questions, University of Southern California:

Answering and Asking Questions, Kansas State University:

Tips for using visual aids in your speech:

Technology principles:

Creating PowerPoints:

Tips for using technology / University of Michigan:

Eye Contact: What does it communicate in various cultures?

Nonverbal Communication: Speaking Without Words:

Educational Development:

University of California- Berkeley:

Ways to keep audience attention during your presentation:

Engaging the students / University of Michigan / Videos:

Public Speaking Importance:

Teacher expectations, John B. Diamond - University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee: click here

What to Expect Your First Year of Teaching:

5 keys to success:

DePaul- College of Education:

Student Expectations- St. Petersburg College:

Language development:

Site with audio tongue twisters for accent reduction: click here

Ten tips for accent reduction, by Lisa Mojsin:

Helpful interactive tools:

More tongue twisters:

Free English lessons with English grammar and vocabulary exercises online:

Interactive tools for sentence construction and writing:

More interactive online tools; games, tests:

Common American slang expressions:

American Idioms and Slang:

Comprehensive list of American slang terms and definitions:


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