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Graduate Research: Dissertations Completed

Dissertation Defense Announcements

Spring 2017

Dorothy F. Schmidt College of Arts and Letters
College of Business
College of Education
College of Engineering and Computer Science
Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing
Charles E. Schmidt College of Science
College for Design and Social Inquiry

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          Dorothy F. Schmidt College of Arts and Letters

John Bronsted
"Foundations of a Scientific Cognitive Theory for Literary Criticism"
Dissertation Advisor: Prisca Augustyn

Benton J. Fazzolari
"Tracing a Technological God: A Psychoanalytic Study of Google and the Global Ramifications of its Media Proliferation"
Dissertation Advisor: Frédéric Conrod

Ángela F. Martín
"Writing to Exist: Transformation and Translation Into Exile"
Dissertation Advisor: Nora Erro-Peralta

  College of Business

Justin R. Hall
"An Empirical Test of a General Theory of Problem-Solving"
Dissertation Advisor: Eric H. Shaw

Selen Savas
"Perceived Risk and Consumer Adoption of Service Innovations"
Dissertation Advisor: Paul Sergius Koku

College of Education

Jaclyn N. Falcone
"For Pets’ Sake: Is There a Need for Dog Safety Community Education?"
Dissertation Advisor: Valerie C. Bryan

Elizabeth C. Jekanowski
"District Leadership and Systemic Inclusion: A Case Study of One Inclusive and Effective School District"
Dissertation Advisor: Patricia Maslin-Ostrowski

Ruth E. Pacheco
'The Fork in the Road: Determining Factors for Diverse Students Choosing a Non-Profit, Open-Access Institution Versus a For-Profit, Open-Access Institution"
Dissertation Advisor: Frankie Santos Laanan and Patricia Maslin-Ostrowski

Cheryl A. Proctor
"The Relationship Between Mandatory 3rd Grade Retention and School Performance in Florida"
Dissertation Advisor: Daniel Reyes-Guerra

Jeannette C. Sullivan
"The Relationship Between McGregor's Leadership Theory and Happiness Among Higher Educational Leaders"
Dissertation Advisor: Patricia Maslin-Ostrowski

Bryan L. Wilkins
"Teacher Perspectives on the Marzano Teacher Evaluation Model During Year One of Implementation"
Dissertation Advisor: Meredith Mountford

  College of Engineering and Computer Science

Ali A. Alkazimi
"Some SSL/TLS Attacks and Their Misuse Patterns"
Dissertation Advisor: Eduardo B. Fernandez

Abdellatif Boughanmi
"Secure Communication by Coherence Modulation at the Photon Counting Level"
Dissertation Advisor: William T. Rhodes

Samuel Garcia
"Plane-Wave Scattering of a Periodic Corrugated Cylinder"
Dissertation Advisor: Jonathan Bagby

Hanlin Liu
"Propulsive Performance and Maneuver Control of Bio-Inspired Robot Propelled by an Undulating Ribbon Fin"
Dissertation Advisor: Osacr M. Curet

Cameron A. Matthews
"Acoustic Tonal and Vector Properties of Red Hind Grouper Vocalizations"
Dissertation Advisor: Pierre-Phillippe Beaujean

Camilo C. Roa
"Three-Dimensional Inversion Technique in Ocean Acoustics Using the Parabolic Equation Method"
Dissertation Advisor: George V. Frisk

 Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing      

Jacqueline B. Staal
"The Relationships Among Sleep Quality, Frailty, and Falls in Older Adults Residing in the Community"
Dissertation Advisor: Marlaine Smith

Gail J. Sullivan
"Effects of a Story-Sharing Intervention on Depression and Well-Being in Older Adults Transitioning to Long-Term Care"
Dissertation Advisor: Debra Hain

Charles E. Schmidt College of Science

Jason W. Bosley
"Modeling Long-Term Changes, 1958-2011, in the Reproduction and Territory Dynamics of Bald Eagles of Florida Bay, Southern Coastal Everglades" 
Dissertation Advisor: Erik Noonburg

Courtney C. Cocilova
"Brevetoxin Metabolism and Physiology - A Freshwater Model of Morbidity in Endangered Sea Turtles"
Dissertation Advisor: Sarah L. Milton

Maria L. Corbett
"Stress Reactivity in Children Following an Academic Stressor: Associations and Interactions with Intrapersonal Characteristics"
Dissertation Advisor: Nancy Aaron Jones

Brian E. Doozan
"The Advantages of Collimator Optimization for Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy"
Dissertation Advisor: Theodora Leventouri

Kevin R. Lang
"The Impact of Pharmacological Targeting of Abnormal Tumor Metabolism with 3-Bromopyruvate on Dendritic Cell Mediated Humoral Immunity"
Dissertation Advisor: James X. Hartmann

Justin A. Minnerly
"Autophagy gene atg-18 regulates C. elegans lifespan cell non-autonomously by neuropeptide signaling"
Dissertation Advisor: Kailiang Jia

Michelle L. Petersen
"Quantifying Wading Bird Resource Selection and Nesting Effort: A Tool for the Restoration of Pulsed Ecosystems"
Dissertation Advisor: Dale E. Gawlik

Shannon M. Ray
"Quasi-Local Energy of Rotating Black Hole Spacetimes and Isometric Embeddings of 2-Surface in Euclidean 3-Space"
Dissertation Advisor: Warner A. Miller

Long Zhang
"Isolation and Structural Elucidation of Novel Bioactive Natural Products from Marine Organisms from the Western Atlantic Ocean"
Dissertation Advisor: Lyndon M. West

 College for Design and Social Inquiry

Gilvert Angervil
"Administrative Discretion in Public Policy Implementation: The Case of No Child Left Behind (NCLB)"
Dissertation Advisor: Khi V. Thai


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