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Your Gifts at Work

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When you support the Graduate College at FAU, you directly impact the quality of our graduate offerings and the growth of our students. Meet some of our talented graduate students who have been awarded funding while studying at FAU:

Patrick Rynne, M.S '08, doctoral stu dent in Ocean Engineering

"The Graduate Fellowship for Academic Excellence provides students with critical funding to pursue graduate research. In my case, the award allowed me to develop initial models of an emerging oceanographic technology that would have otherwise not been possible. It is important to note that although a graduate student may have a research topic that he or she is very passionate about, without funding it is very difficult to get it off the ground. Along with energizing the initial phase of my research, the award allowed me to attend the MTS/IEEE Oceans Conference and present my work to key members of the scientific community."

Scott Barnard, M.S. in Computer Engineering

"Receiving my Provost Fellowship put graduate education within reach. I have been given an opportunity to achieve much more than I could have hoped for just a few years earlier."

Ingrid Buckley, M.S '08, doctoral student in Computer Science

"The Newell Doctoral Fellowship has been an important enabler of my lifelong dream to pursue doctoral studies in Computer Science. As a Caribbean national, I aspire to achieve academic and professional excellence for the benefit of my community. The pursuit of these goals, however, has not been easy and the sacrifices required are sometimes great. I am greatly appreciative of the financial support that the Newell Doctoral Fellowship has afforded me, without which my life could have charted a different, more uncertain course. The financial help not only filled a fundamental need in my educational pursuit, but also created a heightened personal awareness of the significance of individuals and institutions that are willing to invest in the dreams of others. The fellowship has indelibly affected my life in a positive way and for that I am abundantly grateful. I look forward to opportunities to extend my support to others in pursuit of their dreams, just as I have benefited from this remarkable fellowship. Many thanks again to the vision exhibited by Dr. Daniel B. and Aurel B. Newell in establishing this fellowship and to the faculty and administrative staff of FAU for their invaluable contributions to my education."

George Morales, M.S '06, doctoral student in Electrical Engineering

"Receiving the 2009 - 2010 Dr. Daniel B. and Aurel B. Newell Doctoral Fellowship award has provided my research with much needed resources during my dissertation year. The funding enabled the purchase of hardware needed to more efficiently advance our research. By making this award available, you have helped to support our efforts at hardware neural modeling which we hope will allow for the development of wireless bio-implantable sensors to assist in the study and treatment of certain neurological disorders. I thank you for your support and will do my best to present myself as a good example of the FAU community."

Jennifer Krill, graduate student in Integrative Biology

Jennifer is a graduate student who received the Graduate Fellowship for Academic Excellence: "I appreciate your confidence in me and the acknowledgement of my achievements shown by granting me this fellowship. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and I promise to use this opportunity wisely."

Catherine Trivigno, doctoral student in Integrative Biology

"I feel deeply honored to be selected to receive one of the Newell Doctoral Fellowship awards. This fellowship will significantly ameliorate the financial and personal challenges I face and make a huge difference in my efforts to complete my education and make a better life for my daughter."

Tyler Smith, doctoral student in Integrative Biology

"I feel very fortunate to receive the Lifelong Learning Society Doctoral Fellowship. This fellowship has been instrumental in supporting my doctoral project which involves constructing and testing gene therapy vectors in order to treat macular degeneration, a serious disease that causes blindness in older adults. Much of my training and research has been conducted at Bascom Palmer Eye Institute in Miami where I have developed a mouse model of a form of age-related macular degeneration. My research with mice has helped test the ability of gene therapy vectors to inhibit pathological blood vessel growth in the retina, and is aimed at discovering new methods to treat and/or prevent macular degeneration."
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