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Students: Performing Self-Checks throughTurnItIn.com

  1. Contact Degree Completion Services at graduatewriting@fau.edu to receive link for TurnItIn account and to create a New User Profile. You will receive an email with the title:  “You have been enrolled in a TurnItIn class by your instructor.”

  2. Submit thesis/dissertation. The class name will be the semester you request a TurnItIn account i.e., May 2015 and the assignment name will be Theses and Dissertations.

  3. Generate Originality Reports. Click here for more information about Originality Checks and Reports.  (IMPORTANT NOTE:  you can revise and RESUBMIT a paper, but it may take 24 hours to get the new results.)

  4. Share results of Originality Report with Thesis/Dissertation  Committee Chair via email, pdf print out, or by reviewing the results together at the same computer.  

  5. At defense, obtain signature from your Committee Chair for Thesis/Dissertation Transmittal Memo .

  6. Submit signed Thesis/Dissertation Transmittal Memo to Graduate College along with signed signature page(s) and completed draft of manuscript according to the Graduate College Submission Deadlines.
 Last Modified 11/8/16