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Graduate Research: Dissertations Completed

Dissertation Defense Announcements

Fall 2014

Dorothy F. Schmidt College of Arts and Letters
College of Business
College of Education
College of Engineering and Computer Science
Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing
Charles E. Schmidt College of Science

Dorothy F. Schmidt College of Arts and Letters

Erica Ando
"Decade of Progress: Origins of the Perez Art Museum Miami"
Dissertation Advisor: S. L. Brown

Kathryn Austin
"Identifying Disparities in K-12 Dance Education in the State Of Florida: The Need for Consistency in Curricular Choice and Instructional Design"
Dissertation Advisor: M. Cameron

College of Business

Aycan Kara
"Linking Institutional, Economic, Technological and Cultural Context to Entrepreneurship in Regions of Europe"
Dissertation Advisor: M. Peterson

Surani Vincent
"Maturity of IT Risk Management Practices and Reporting Structure: An IT Manager Perspective"
Dissertation Advisor: Julia Higgs

College of Education

Deloris Benjamin
"Deans of Students as Crisis Managers: Perceptions of Roles and Leadership Competencies in 12 Public Higher Education Institutions in Florida"
Dissertation Advisor: R. Shockley

Sheri Glick-Cuenot
"Predictors of Undergraduate Student Academic Success"
Dissertation Advisor: J. Pisapia

Susan Hyatt
"Creativity in an Arts Integrated Third Space: A Case Study of Elementary School Students in an International Collaboration"
Dissertation Advisor: Gail Burnaford

Lynn Jackson
"The Effects of Learning Strategy Training on the Writing Performance Of College Students with Asperger's Syndrome"
Dissertation Advisor: Mary Lou Duffy

Heidi R. Louisy
"An Exploratory Multiple Case Study of Succession Planning for Higher Education Community Engagement Practitioners in Selected Higher Education Institutions in the Southeastern Region of the United States"
Dissertation Advisor: D. Wright

Idell Mclaughlin-Jones
"Transformational Experiences of African American Women:  Their Critical Reflections as Former Migrants who Evolved from Harvest of Shame to Seeds of Hope"
Dissertation Advisor: Valerie Bryan

Bree Miron
"School Principal Influence Actions, Climate, Culture, and School Performance"
Dissertation Advisor: J. Pisapia

Vikaash Moosai
"Elementary School Teachers' Perceptions of Bullying and Anti-Bulling Curriculum: A Qualitative Case Study"
Dissertation Advisor: Emery Hyslop-Margison

Melissa Renda
"The Effect of a Student Achievement Curriculum on Grade 9 Completion Rate, and Student Engagement"
Dissertation Advisor: Greg Brigman

Randi Schietz
"The Effect of Participation in the 'Girl Talk' Program on Easing the Transition to Middle School"
Dissertation Advisor: Elizabeth Villares

  College of Engineering and Computer Science

Aura Maria Cardona
"Design Considerations in High-Throughput Automation for Biotechnology Protocols"
Dissertation Advisor: Zvi Roth

Aleksandar Colic
"Design and Implementation of Driver Drowsiness Detection System"
Dissertation Advisor: Oge Marques

Mahdi Esfahanian
"Detection and Classification of Marine Mammal Sounds"
Dissertation Advisor: H. Zhuang

Joel Gibson
"Sparse and Low Rank Constraints on Optical Flow and Trajectories"
Dissertation Advisor: Oge Marques

Tianzhou He
"Optimal Chunk-Based Resource Allocation for OFDMA Systems with Multiple Ber Requirements"
Dissertation Advisor: Xin Wang

Sheryl LaFleur
"A Body Area Network as a Pre-Screening Surrogate to the Polysomnography"
Dissertation Advisor: I. Mahgoub

Bharti Sharma
"Exploring the Electromagnetics of Millimeter-Wave Through Terahertz Spectrum:  De Novo Studies Vis-A-Vis Materials Science, Biomedical Applications and Wireless Communication"
Dissertation Advisor: P.S. Neelakantaswamy

Frank Wissinger
"Infrastructure to Model Complex Systems: Hydrological Modeling"
Dissertation Advisor: R. Shankar

Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing

Elizabeth Kinchen
"Development and Testing of an Instrument to Measure Holistic Attributes of Nurse Practitioner Care"
Dissertation Advisor: Bernadette Lange

Rebecca Koszalinski
"Evaluation of Speak for Myself© with Patients who are Voiceless"
Dissertation Advisor: Ruth Tappen

Duangporn Piyakong
"The Effect of the Engagement Interventions on Uncertainty and Coping of Thai Family Members of Patients in a Coma"
Dissertation Advisor: Patricia Liehr

Angela Prestia
"Chief Nursing Officer Sustainment in the Continued Practice of Nursing Leadership:  A Phenomenological Inquiry"
Dissertation Advisor: Rose Sherman

Charles E. Schmidt College of Science

Mohammed Alhuniti
"New Stereoselective Reactions to Form Amido Alkyl C-N and Vinyl Triflate C-O Bonds Via Carbocation Intermediates & Ultrafast Silicon Fluorination Methodologies for Applications in Pet Imaging"
Dissertation Advisor: Salvatore Lepore

Keren Bolter
"Perceived Risk Versus Actual Risk to Sea-Level Rise: A Case Study in Broward County, Florida"
Dissertation Advisor: Tobin Hindle

Georgia De Stoppelaire
"Mapping Wetland Vegetation with Lidar in Everglades National Park, Florida, USA"
Dissertation Advisor: Russell Ivy

Dolores Forbes
"Generating Space-Time Hypotheses in Complex Social-Ecological Systems"
Dissertation Advisor: Zhixiao Xie

Chenchu Gottipati
"Graph Labeling and Non-Separating Trees"
Dissertation Advisor: Stephen Locke

Stepan Grigoriev
"General Monotonicity, Interpolation of Operators, and Applications"
Dissertation Advisor: Yoram Sagher

LaTasha Lee
"Characterization of Receptor Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase PTP69D in the Fiber Circuit"
Dissertation Advisor: T. Godenschwege

Christine Mitchell
"Contested Spaces: NTFPS, Livelihoods, and Conservation Planning"
Dissertation Advisor: Russell Ivy

Dean Monette
"Resource Use, Competition, Grazing Behavior, and Ecosystem Invasion Impacts of Pomacea Maculata"
Dissertation Advisor: S. Markwith

Cynthia Park
"Potential Stimulus Contributions to Counterchange Determined Motion Perception"
Dissertation Advisor: H. Hock

Lawrence Wood
"Origins, Movements, and Foraging Behavior of Hawksbill Sea Turtles (Eretmochel Ys Imbricata) in Palm Beach County Waters, Florida, USA"
Dissertation Advisor: Sarah Milton

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