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About Us

The Graduate College is responsible for promoting quality graduate education at Florida Atlantic University. It serves as the initial point of contact for recruiting prospective students and coordinating the admissions process for both international and domestic graduate students. The Graduate College supports enrolled students by hosting professional development workshops, distributing fellowships and tuition support, ensuring compliance with the University's thesis and dissertation guidelines, certifying all degree requirements are met and awarding graduate degrees.

Working in conjunction with the University Graduate Council, Faculty Senate, Graduate Programs Committee and the individual college deans, the Graduate College develops university-wide graduate plans and policies, ensures that academic standards are maintained, approves new course proposals and course changes and appoints graduate faculty.


The recruiting staff works to market FAU graduate programs to prospective students through recruitment fairs and information sessions. Prospective students are invited to meet with the Recruitment Coordinator and schedule visits with faculty members to gain a better understanding of what graduate studies at FAU can offer.

The admissions staff works to facilitate the application process between the students and the individual graduate programs. The Graduate College admissions staff performs the preliminary review of all applications prior to submitting them to the colleges for review, and then finalizes the rest of the process once a student is accepted by the college.

Degree Completion

The degree completion staff ensures compliance with the University's thesis and dissertation guidelines, and certifies all degree requirements are met for graduation.

Student Support

The student support staff organizes professional development training and workshops for graduate students and maintains frequent communication with students via the e-newsletter, website and social media outlets.  Additionally, student support coordinates fellowship awards and recognition opportunities for graduate students.

 Last Modified 8/11/14