Camp Owls

Camp Owls
Freshmen and Transfer Student Adventure Orientation Program

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Camp Owls is an adventure orientation program for incoming freshmen and transfer students. These trips are designed to help students connect with community and the university before their first semester at FAU. The program is divided into two distinct styles: The Experience and The Expedition.

Camp Owls the Expedition ( June 14-21 or July 19-26 ): This trip will grow your leadership abilities, connections with people, and knowledge of the outdoors.  On the first night, your group will camp close to FAU to get prepared and introduced to some of the skills you'll be using on the trail. The next day, each group will drive up to Northern Georgia and begin the hike along the Appalachian Trail which runs through Blood Mountain. For four days, you will hike, learn about the great outdoors, and look at the world from the mountain top. Nothing is more rewarding than gazing upon the feat of one’s own accomplishment. On the last day, the group will participate in a service project to give back to the community. Let the journey begin. Click Here to Register!

Camp Owls the Experience ( August 10-13 ): Week long hike in the woods a bit much for you? Camp Owls the Experience may be more your speed. You'll arrive on campus Sunday to move-in to your resident hall. Then it's off to meet new friends, explore some of the treasures of Florida, and start expanding your comfort zone!  Sunday evening you will have dinner with your trip crew and staff. The next morning we go one step deeper and take your crew through a 3-hour Challenge Course program. From there it's off to your destination! Once you arrive, set-up camp, and put on your bug spray (it is August in Florida), spend the rest of the day exploring the state park. Whether it be going on a short hike, sunbathing, or swimming at the beach, you’ll find comfort knowing that a bathroom is not too far away. The next day is activity packed. The last day, sleep in for a lazy morning or wake up early and enjoy the sunrise to reminisce on all the fun times you had with other incoming students. Click Here to Register!

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Here are some comments from students who participated in the 2013 Camp Owls Experience:

  • I really liked the whole experience. I originally went specifically to move in early but after the trip was over I really appreciated the whole thing.
  • I liked getting to know a lot of faculty and staff and also enjoyed making friends with the students on my trip. We had a lot of fun :)
  • I like that I was able to network and meet new friends as well as get an insight as well as tips and strategies for being a freshman in college.
  • Students were never forced to do anything that they were not comfortable with. It was just a great way to move in on campus earlier than everyone else, as well as being able to meet and interact with students that you most likely would not have met outside of Camp Owls.
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