Florida Atlantic University Academic Initiatives


The Division of Student Affairs supports the academic mission of FAU by partnering with Academic Affairs to offer out of classroom academic enrichment programs for students.

MISSION: Support the academic charge of FAU by engaging professors and students together in out-of-class co-curricular programs in pursuit of the University’s mission of academic and personal development, discovery and lifelong learning.    

GOAL: Increase student persistence, student learning and graduation rates. This is accomplished through a focus on:

Transition: Assist new students as they begin their academic experience at FAU.

Connection: Help students develop academic relationships to foster their learning success.

Retention: Work in collaboration with Academic Affairs to ensure the academic success of all students.

Graduation: Provide quality programs designed to help students realize their goal of graduation from FAU.


The Division of Student Affairs seeks professors who are looking for new and different ways to support the academic mission of FAU work with students in unique co-curricular programs.

Some of the co-curricular programs professors can be part of include...

Camp Owls Experience faculty join students on out-door trips which include leadership and adventure components.

Faculty Owl Leader Program faculty is part of the development of students as up-and-coming campus and community leaders.

Fraternity & Sorority Life Faculty Fellow  work closely with the academic and personal development of the FAU fraternity & sorority community.

Academic Service-Learning (ASL) faculty members who incorporate ASL into their courses demonstrate creative pedagogy thereby motivating students & promoting active learning.


What do past involved faculty have to say?

Dr. Justin White, Assistant Professor of Spanish & Linguistics, Director of the Spanish Basic Language Program – Participating in the Camp Owls Experience is one of the most fulfilling and rewarding extracurricular commitments to FAU I have experienced.  During the trip I had opportunities to informally talk with incoming freshman about university life, hear their expectations, reservations, anticipations, and fears.  I returned from my trip with a newly reflected outlook and revived approach to my contribution as a professor at FAU.

Dr. Charles Dukes, Associate Professor in the Department of Exceptional Student Education – It was an honor to take part in the Faculty Owl Leader Program. The university’s reputation is still emerging, but it seems clear that faculty and staff here at FAU are student-centered. The Faculty Owl Leader Program is a direct outgrowth of that and I was proud to be a part of efforts to provide students with authentic opportunities to lead in non-traditional ways. My involvement has been well worth it.

Dr. Barbara Ganson, Associate Professor of History The Camp Owls Experience helped freshman develop a positive image of the university and themselves.  While camping in the Keys, students made new friends and learned what was expected of them before entering college.  I spoke to my group of twenty students about the importance of taking advantage of faculty office hours to know their professors and stand out from the rest of the crowd.   The program allowed me to set the right tone to shape some of their initial college experiences.    

Dr. Allen Smith, Professor of MarketingThe same sense of wonder that I experienced in arriving at college remains alive and infectious.  To explore questions, anxiety, hope, and spirit with our freshman during the Camp Owls Experience was a unique gift of self-renewal.  A sense of pride in my colleagues and University was tangible as I witnessed efforts to welcome and prepare freshman to lead and succeed. Camp Owls is special.  Feel the difference.  Make a difference.  Sign up!


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