First Year Experience

The First Year Experience (FYE) Program is an exciting interdisciplinary initiative designed to provide first year students with the resources and support to facilitate a successful transition to Florida Atlantic University. FYE serves as a roadmap of key experiences which will build academic, social, career, and self-advocacy skills as well as a sense of community. The goal of FYE is to provide opportunities for students to get involved in and out of the classroom so they can DISCOVER their passions, DREAM about their futures, and DESIGN and DELIVER on a plan to soar in all their endeavors.



Make your transition from high school to college seamless by participating in FAU programs and events that are designed to help you connect to your new school.

Campus Days  Orientation • Major Knowledge • OARS • Open House • Convocation • Passport to Success • Residential/Commuter Check-in Day • Jump Start • O.N.E. • Camp Owls


Develop your FAU community spirit and an understanding of civic engagement by participating in community building and volunteer activities.

Weeks of Welcome Leadership Opportunities • Weppner Center for LEAD & Service Learning  Learning Communities  • Residence Life Programs


Become more aware of your strengths, learn about others’ perspectives, and utilize problem solves skills by participating in career exploration and leadership opportunities.

Attend iLead or Leadership Institute • Major KnOWLedge • O.N.E Program • OwlBreaks • Emerging Young Leaders Program • Leadership Reading Circles

DEVELOP (Cultural Competence) 

Learn about your own and others’ cultural backgrounds by joining an organization or attending a workshop or program. 

Student Organizations & Activities • Programs offered by the Office of Diversity and Multicultural Affairs • IFP Coursework • Real Talk Series • Campus Difference Training

STRENGTHEN (Academic Skills) 

Identify and utilize the campus resources that will help you achieve academic success.  

Undergraduate Research  Utilize at least two Campus Resources  FYE Class  FYE Program  Utilize Faculty Office Hours  Utilize Academic Advising, Midterm Grades & Early Warnings • Supplemental Instruction  Attend UCEW Workshops  ACCESS Workshops  Campus Events  FYE Culmination Event  Summer Communication  Emerging Young Leaders Program  OwlBreaks 


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