Greek Week

Greek Week is the primer event where all fraternal organizations come together as one to uphold and advance the core values of fraternity & sorority life. The Greek Week Planning Committee, under the advisement of the Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life, is committed to organizing a successful event that fosters awareness of the fundamental importance of the core principles that unite fraternities and sororities at Florida Atlantic University.

Each spring semester the fraternities and sororities pair up and participate in a week long set of activities from sports, service, philanthropy, educational programs, and dance to help foster and develop fraternal bonds and lifelong friendships.

Greek Week 2019: March 28 - April 3

View the Greek Week 2019 Packet here

Greek Week 2017 News Release

2019 Greek Week Executive Board
Co-Executive Director Margarita Murphy
Co-Executive Director Johanna (JC) Bravo
Director of Entertainment Wade Cooper
Director of Service and Philanthropy Michael Tin
Director of Education and Development Michelle Alpizar
Director of Public Relations Hannah Henderson
Co-Director of Logistics Gabby Gibson
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