Department of French Studies

Faculty and Staff



Géraldine Blattner  Associate Professor of French & Linguistics / Coordinator of Basic French Language Program; Ph.D. (French Linguistics), Pennsylvania State University

Carla Calargé Associate Professor of French & Francophone Studies; Ph.D. (french and Francophone Studies), The University of Iowa

Roderick Cooke   Assistant Professor of French; Ph.D., (French), Columbia University 

Frédéric Conrod  Associate Professor of Comparative Literature (French, Spanish); Ph.D. (Comparative Literature), The University of Colorado at Boulder

Marcella Munson  Chair and Associate Professor of French & Comparative Literature; Ph.D. (French), University of California at Los Angeles

Rosemary Rahill Instructor of French; M.A.T. (French), Florida Atlantic University

Adjunct Instructors

Celine Guillerm  - Ph.D. (Comparative Studies), Florida Atlantic University

Graduate Teaching Assistants

Viviana Pezzullo - Ph.D. (Comparative Studies), Florida Atlantic University

Kira Laquidara - M.A. (Teaching of French), Florida Atlantic University

Elke Defever - M.A. (French), Florida Atlantic University

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