1. Teacher Certification
2. Work-Study Program
3. Tutorial Assistance


Teacher Certification :  VA Certification Request Card - Instructions



VA student has NEVER had a teacher's certificate
and needs one now.


VA student has had a teacher's certificate in one
subject or discipline and now needs a certificate in a different subject or discipline.  Examples include going from high school math to high school social studies, from elementary education to secondary science, etc.


The VA Student applies for a Teacher's
Certificate to:  Florida Department of Education, Teacher Certification Section, 2325 West Gaines Street, Tallahassee, FL  32399


The applicant will either receive a Teacher's
Certificate or a Letter specifying what course work is needed to qualify for the particular Teacher's Certificate for which he/she has applied.


Submit letter to Veterans' Affairs Office so an
appropriate VA  Application Form and Enrollment Certification can be completed.

NOTE:  A VA student can NOT be paid VA Education Benefits for concurrent pursuit of different courses leading to Teacher's Certificates in more than one subject or grade level.  Each subject or grade level is considered to be a program of education.


Work-Study Program

Earn while you learn.  If you are pursuing an approved post-secondary program of education on at least a three-quarter time basis, and would like to earn extra cash, then you may want to apply to the VA Work-Study Program.  A VA can work up to 1300 hours per year (up to 25 hours per week).  You may contact the VA Office or you may call 1-888-442-4551 for more information on this program.  Working under this program will NOT affect your monthly benefit in any way.

Please contact the FAU VA Representative in the Office of Student Financial Aid for additional information.


Tutorial Assistance

In order to obtain passing grades in your course work, it may be determined that additional help may be needed through individual tutoring.  VA will help defray the cost of such individualized tutoring as found necessary.

Reimbursements are as follows:

* The benefit will reimburse eligible VA students for the actual
cost of the tutorial sessions up to $100.00 per month
* The maximum amount of tutorial assistance to which any VA
student will be eligible is $1200.00.
* A total of $600.00 in tutorial assistance may be paid to a
student without charge to the student's entitlement.  All monies paid after that limit is reached will be charged against that student's entitlement.



* Student must be enrolled in a post-secondary program of
education (requires a high school diploma/equivalent or atleast 12th grade level skills for admission).
* Student must be enrolled on a half-time or greater basis.


Eligibility determined by school:

* Individual Tutorial Assistance is essential to correct a
deficiency in a course required as part of, or pre-requisite to, or which is indispensable to the satisfactory pursuit of the student's approved program of education.
* The tutor selected is qualified.
* The charges for such tutorial sessions do not exceed the
customary charges for such tutorial assistance.


Forms to be completed:

* Veterans Tutorial Assistance Program Information
* VA 22-1990T:  Application and Enrollment Certification
for Individualized Tutorial Assistance


Jason Morgenthal, Financial Aid & Veterans Specialist

Veteran Affairs Office

Florida Atlantic University

777 Glades Road

Boca Raton, FL  33431-0991


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