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How To Apply For FAU Financial Aid Scholarships:

Applications for FAU scholarships from the Office of Student Financial Aid will be open on January 22, 2019. The last day to apply for FAU Scholarships is June 4th, 2019. The application will be available between these dates at myFAU, on the Money Matters tile. Click on the title of a scholarship to view application details. Scholarships that require supporting documents provide for their upload. Students should apply online as soon as the application becomes available as the number of applications that can be accepted is limited.

FAU Scholarships

These scholarships are available for the 2019-2020 academic year (FALL 2019 & SPRING 2020 semesters) beginning January 22, 2019. The following is a list of general FAU scholarships. When they become available, just click on the application link to fill out the application online (in .pdf format). IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO READ EACH SCHOLARSHIP CAREFULLY AND MAKE SURE EACH APPLICATION IS COMPLETE BEFORE SUBMITTING IT FOR CONSIDERATION. If selected to receive any scholarship, the applicant will receive an email to his/her FAU email by mid-August.

  1. Please use a separate application for every scholarship that you are applying for. Also, attach appropriate documentation for each scholarship.
  2. All scholarships listed on this website are awarded through the applications available here.
  3. Scholarship criteria listed are based on University Policy in conjunction with the intent of the individual donor.
  4. The academic criteria and the financial need criteria noted in the various scholarship offerings are used as minimum starting points for consideration. These criteria may be applied more rigorously depending upon the size and qualifications of the applicant pool. Meeting the minimum criteria does not guarantee selection.
  5. All FAU Scholarships will ONLY be calculated and disbursed for FAU credits. Consortium and Concurrent Enrollment will not be considered when calculating required credits for scholarships.
  6. As part of the awarding process, and in recognition of donor commitment to the University, applicants selected as recipients of awards will NOT receive funding until a Thank You Letter has been submitted prior to the term in which the award is scheduled to be paid.
  7. Financial need is determined by the Free Application for Federal Student Aid or "FAFSA".
  8. Scholarship awards may impact other sources of financial assistance administered by the University.

Students must be able to provide proof of eligibility upon request.

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Athletic Scholarships

A student-athlete may receive both institutional and outside aid up to the value of a full grant-in-aid (i.e. tuition and fees, housing and dining, and required course-related books) where athletics participation is a major criterion, in addition a student-athlete may receive other financial aid unrelated to athletics ability up to the total cost of attendance.

Total aid received may never exceed the student-athlete's total cost of attendance. A student-athlete is not eligible to participate if he or she receives financial aid that exceeds the cost attendance calculated by the University's Financial Aid Office. There is only one exception, Pell Grant plus Full Grant in Aid may be greater than total cost of attendance, Bylaw 15.1.1.

Athletics aid may not be awarded for a period greater than one year or for a period of less than one year. This means that it is not permissible to offer a guaranteed four year scholarship. An athletic scholarship may be renewed (or reduced or cancelled) at the end of the year.

During the period of the award, an athletics scholarship may not be increased, decreased or canceled on the basis of athletic ability, performance, contribution to team success, injury, or any other athletics related reason. Institutional athletics aid may be reduced or canceled during the year if the recipient:

  • Renders himself or herself ineligible for intercollegiate competition;
  • Fraudulently misrepresents any information on an application, letter of intent or financial aid agreement;
  • Engages in serious misconduct warranting substantial disciplinary penalty;
  • Voluntarily withdraws from a sport at any time for personal reasons.

A determination on the renewal of athletics aid will be made on or before July 1 for the following year. The financial aid office will send letters notifying each student of his or her renewal determination.

If a student-athlete's athletic aid is being reduced or canceled during the year, or reduced or not renewed for the following year, upon request, the student-athlete will be entitled to a hearing through established procedures outside of the athletic department. The student-athlete will be provided written notification of the opportunity for a hearing. The student must notify the Financial Aid Office in writing requesting appeal hearing. The student's written notification must be received by the deadline specified on the notification letter.

International Student Scholarships

The websites listed below may be a good source for scholarships and/or funds for international students.

FAU Business and Professional Women’s Scholarship House

The FAU Business and Professional Women's Scholarship House (BPWSH) was established to provide campus housing for women with strong academic promise and substantial outside financial assistance in order to attend FAU. The BPWSH is a cooperative living/learning facility where 16 women share leadership experience, develop life skills, and community responsibilities.
To Apply for the FAU Business and Professional Women’s Scholarship House, Click Here.

Other Scholarships

Click on each scholarship link below for further information, eligibility criteria, and applications. Please contact each organization directly with specific questions.

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Community Foundation Scholarships


FAU's Office of Undergraduate Admissions offers numerous scholarships for incoming freshman and transfer students. We suggest applying early as the scholarships are competitive and most are awarded early in the admission cycle. Additional scholarships are available through the Office of Student Financial Aid, FAU Alumni Association and through the academic colleges.

There are a host of scholarships available to assist students with their educational expenses. Scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic criteria and/or any combination of academics, financial need, campus/community activities, leadership positions and work experience. Scholarships are designed to reward, encourage and assist students in pursuing academic excellence and leadership roles.

Many colleges and departments at FAU offer scholarships to students that are specific to an area of specialization. Below is a list of scholarships by category that may be helpful to you in funding your college education.

Important Note Regarding Concurrent/Consortium/Study Abroad Enrollment

Due to limited funding, all FAU Scholarships will ONLY be calculated and disbursed for FAU credits. Consortium and Concurrent Enrollment will not be considered when calculating required credits for scholarships.

Cautionary Note Regarding Scholarship Scams:

If you're unsure whether to pay a company for help finding financial aid, stop and think for a minute: What's being offered? Is the service going to be worth your money? Do the claims seem too good to be true? You might have heard or seen these claims at seminars, over the phone from telemarketers, or online:

  • "Buy now or miss this opportunity." Don’t give in to pressure tactics. Remember, the "opportunity" is a chance to pay for information you could find yourself for free. Check out our list of free sources of financial aid information below.
  • "We guarantee you’ll get aid." A company could claim it fulfilled its promise if you were offered student loans or a $200 scholarship. Is that worth a fee of $1,000 or more?
  • "I've got aid for you; give me your credit card or bank account number." Never give out a credit card or bank account number unless you know the organization you are giving it to is legitimate. You could be putting yourself at risk of identity theft.
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