Special Enrollment Programs: Study Abroad

There are two types of FAU degree-seeking study abroad programs: (1) FAU Study Abroad and (2) Consortium Study Abroad . When considering participating in a study abroad program, it is important the student identify what type of program they are considering. The processing requirements, fund eligibility, and disbursement method will vary depending on the program type.   Click here for more information on the Study Abroad Program, which includes detailed information on policies/procedures, eligibility and financial aid. 

For all Incoming study abroad students attending Florida Atlantic University as the "host" school.  (1) FAU is not your degree-seeking school; therefore, any questions regarding your financial aid information must be addressed to your home school. (2) FAU tuition is not deferred for Incoming study abroad students.  Students are responsible to pay their FAU tuition on or before the FAU fee payment deadline.  If you fail to pay your tuition by the fee deadline, you will be assessed a late fee.  Further failure to pay will result in being cancelled from classes. (3) Incoming study abroad consortium agreement forms will be completed and returned to the student’s Home Institution after the FAU fee payment deadline for all students who have paid their FAU tuition. 



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