Financial Aid Policies: Deferment of Fees

Tuition and Fee Postponement

Tuition and fees will be automatically postponed for all financial aid recipients and Bright Futures Scholarship recipients (except Federal Work Study) whose award offer(s) have been accepted online by the drop/add deadline.  Students accepting Federal Direct Stafford Loans must complete the Master Promissory Note (MPN) and the Entrance Counseling at If your financial aid is insufficient to cover your tuition and fees, you will be assessed a late fee unless you pay the difference by the Fee Payment deadline. Therefore, if you decide not to attend classes, YOU WILL BE FEE LIABLE UNLESS YOU FORMALLY WITHDRAW FROM ALL COURSES WITH THE REGISTRAR'S OFFICE PRIOR TO THE END OF DROP/ADD.  Failure to attend classes, to pick up a check, to sign a promissory note, cancellation of financial aid, or moving out of the dormitory, etc. will not release you from fee liability.

Housing Fee Postponement

Fees may be deferred only if you have sufficient financial aid to cover both tuition and housing fees prior to the housing deadline. A prepayment is required at the time you submit your housing agreement. For more information, you may contact Housing at FAU.

Fee Payment

Total payment of tuition and fees must be made by the fee payment deadline established by the University. FAU uses a net check system for disbursement of nearly all financial assistance, including grants, FAU scholarships, and most loan programs. Therefore, fees owed will be deducted from financial aid starting with the first award issued and continuing until funds are exhausted or all fees are paid. If your combined financial aid award does not cover 100% of you tuition and fees, you will need to contact the Controller's Office prior to the end of the fee payment deadline to arrange payment of the difference between your fees owed and your pending financial aid disbursements. To review your current charges, please log on to MyFAU.  Once logged in to MyFAU, Select the FAU Self-Service Link, select Student Services and follow the links to Student Account Information.

There are several payment plans available, which you can set up electronically via MyFAU.  Payment Plans are available only during the registration and payment periods for each semester.  For more information, contact Student Financial Services or click here.

Florida Prepaid Tuition/Housing

Please visit the Student Financial Services link for other important Tuition and Fee related information.

All students who have not met the automatic deferment process deadline are responsible for payment of fees by the deadline date established by the University each semester. In addition, if your combined financial aid does not cover 100% of tuition and fees, you must make arrangements with the Controller's Office to pay the balance of fees owed prior to the fee payment deadline. See Tuition/Fee Payment Information Bulletin for additional information.



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