Severe Weather Awareness Week

The State of Florida’s Severe Weather Awareness Week is Feb 11-15 and gives Florida residents an opportunity to learn and prepare for various natural hazards. Each day of the week focuses on a different weather hazard: 

Monday 11th: Lightning

Tuesday 12th: Marine Hazards and Rip Currents

Wednesday 13th: Tornado and Thunderstorm

Thursday 14th: Hurricane and Flooding

Friday 15th: Temperature Extremes and Wildfire Awareness

Update: The statewide tornado drill scheduled this week for Wednesday at 1010 AM has been moved to Friday at 1010 AM. The reason is the expectation of severe weather in North Florida on Wednesday and the potential confusion a drill would cause under these circumstances.

All procedures for the drill highlighted in previous emails and on the state of Florida Emergency Management site remain the same. Florida DEM has updated their website to reflect the new day of Friday for the drill:

The drill will follow the same procedures of the past several years in that the National Weather Service will NOT issue a live tornado warning. Instead, they will issue the Routine Weekly Test (RWT) that is sent out via NOAA Weather Radio every Wednesday, but at 10:10 AM instead of its regular time of 11 AM to Noon. Please note here is that not all weather radio models tone alert the RWT. Some beep intermittently for several seconds and some just show a light on the radio indicating the test.

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