Endangered and Invasive Marine Species

The Florida Atlantic University Diving Safety Program supports the conservation and protection of the oceanic and natural environment.  It is the policy to help support local, state and national non-profit and governmental agencies which provide tangible natural resource protection services or programs.

Whenever possible, FAU scientific divers should report observation of any endangered or invasive species to the appropriate agencies, or to the Diving Safety Officer. To be the most helpful, data should include the observation, the date, species if known, location (GPS coordinates if available), size and number.

Three animals are of particular local interest and can be reported directly to interested agencies, or to the DSO  via email (ehs@fau.edu) or fax (561-297-2210):
  • Lionfish anywhere in the Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico or Caribbean
  • Elkhorn and Staghorn Coral in Palm Beach County or northward
  • Sea Turtles anywhere
Observations reported to the DSO will be passed on to Palm Beach County Reef Rescue, NOAA, Reef Relief, Reef Check, Reef.Org or Sea Turtles.Org.

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          Lionfish                    Elkhorn and Staghorn Corals             Sea Turtle

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