Scholarships and Grants for Scientific Divers

Several non-FAU organizations offer annual or one time scholarships and grants to individuals whose studies or research involve scientific diving.  To find out if you may qualify, contact the FAU DSO, or contact the organizations directly through the links provided below.

American Academy of Underwater Sciences

Each year, AAUS provides  annual scholarships for students at both the masters and doctoral level of study whose research interests involve scientific diving.  To be considered, students must be an active scientific diver and a member of AAUS.

Our World Underwater Scholarship Society

The OWUSS offers annual scholarships, grants and internships to anyone in diving in need of educational support.  The center piece of OWUSS each year is the annual Rolex Scholarship.   


Women Divers Hall of Fame

WDHF offers scholarships to women divers deserving of recognition for their contributions in the field of diving.  There are a multitude of scholarship opportunities available to women within the diving community.



Petridish provides an online platform where students and reseachers can essentially "self-fund" their own work.  Individuals may post a synopsis of what they wish to research and invite online contributors to fund their projects.


Academy of Underwater Arts and Sciences

AUAS grants a $3000 scholarship each year to a student in need involved in potentially rewarding underwater research.

If you know of more diving scholarship or grant organizations, let us know and we'll add them to the list. 

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