Boating Safety Program

The Environmental Health and Safety Department's Boating Safety Program is administered by the Boating Safety Officer.  All boating conducted in an official capacity under the auspices of FAU must be approved by the Boating Safety Officer including research and grant activities, and all class field trips by faculty, staff or students on university funded excursions. This also includes boating involving any FAU sponsored activity on FAU owned vessels, charter vessels or personal vessels.

Three basic requirements must be met to conduct boating activities under the official auspices of FAU:

  1. All boats must be annually inspected by the US Coast Guard Auxiliary and an inspection sticker affixed to the vessel in a prominent place.
  2. All operators must have successfully completed a safe boat operators course.
  3. An FAU float plan must be filed with a responsible agent who will notify the appropriate authorities if the vessel becomes overdue, and a float plan copy should be filed with the FAU DSO.  Note: Unless approved, the DSO does not normally act as the notifying agent if a vessel is overdue.
When utilizing commercial charter vessels it is normally assumed that the vessel owners will have adequate training, that vessels meet all Coast Guard requirements, and that float plan notification will be carried out by the vessel operators.  However, it is a prudent action for FAU personnel engaging a charter company to enquire about their status.

When operating personal vessels, FAU personnel should always file a float plan copy with the DSO.  By doing so, the activity becomes officially sanctioned and FAU liability for the excursion is extended.

Online Resources:  
  Florida Boating Handbook
  Visual Safety Check- Arrange a US Coast Guard Auxiliary (VSC).
  FAU Float Plan - Under Construction
  NOAA Weather
  Florida Tide Information
  NOAA National Data Buoy Center

To Contact the Diving and Boating Safety Officer:

Diving Safety Officer
Florida Atlantic University
Building 69 Room 112
777 Glades Road
Boca Raton, FL 33431
tel: 561.297.1178
fax: 561.297.2210

After hours or in the event of emergency:

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