Library Building

This item provides performance frequency information and details about maintenance in library buildings.

Seven days:

  • Empty waste receptacles, and replace liners.
  • Dust furniture surfaces, open sections of bookshelves, and damp clean tabletops.
  • Remove graffiti from all surfaces.
  • Realign/reset furnishings according to room layout plan; adjust window covering.
  • Vacuum carpeted areas thoroughly; remove gum and soil spots/spillage.
  • Dust mop and wet mop tiled floors.
  • Clean glass in doors and partitions, and stairwells.
  • Clean door surfaces.
  • Remove scuffmarks and/or spray buff tiled floors.
  • Clean elevators (see Elevator specifications above.)
  • Vacuum and maintain traffic areas, desk service area, information areas, and main entranceway.
  • All areas opened to the public will be policed during all open hours.
  • Clean graffiti from all surfaces.

Monday through Friday:

  • Restore floor finish on non-carpeted floors.
  • High dust vents, lights, pipes, blinds, and connecting vertical and horizontal wall surfaces.
  • Vacuum upholstered seats.
  • Provide continuous periodic service policing in the Library All Night Study every day, all three shifts.
  • Office areas not generally open to the public will be cleaned as per office standards above.

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