Ticket distribution:

More than 115 members of the media attended resulting in the following stats:

TV media coverage:

* Total National Viewership is the sum of all national cable viewership and all New York national viewership

Print newspaper coverage:

                  National (USA Today, CNN, Wall Street Journal, etc.): 47
                  CA (LA Times, San Diego Union Tribune, San Francisco Chronicle, San Jose Mercury News,
                  FrontPage magazine): 9
                  CO (Denver Post): 3
                  D.C. (Washington Post, Washington Times): 5
                  GA (Atlanta Journal-Constitution): 3
                  IL (Chicago Tribune): 1
                  LA (New Orleans Times Picayune): 2
                  MA (Boston.com): 1
                  MN (Minneapolis Star Tribune, St. Paul Pioneer Press): 4
                  MO (St. Louis Post-Dispatch): 2
                  NY (NY Times, NY Post): 5
                  OH (Examiner, Cleveland Plain Dealer): 2
                  OR (Oregonian): 2
                  RI (GoLocal Prov): 1
                  TX (Austin American-Statesman, Houston Chronicle, San Antonio Express-News): 7
                  WA (Seattle Times, Bellingham Herald): 3
                  South Africa (iAfrica.com): 1
                  Canada (MetroNews Canada, Canada Free Press): 2
                  UK (BBC, The Guardian): 2