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FAU Alert Message

FAU Alert Test - This is a test of the FAU Alert system. If this were an actual emergency, you would be provided with situation details and instructed to visit for further information. No further action is necessary at this time. Thank you for your cooperation during this test.

Ticket distribution:

More than 115 members of the media attended resulting in the following stats:

TV media coverage:

* Total National Viewership is the sum of all national cable viewership and all New York national viewership

Print newspaper coverage:

                  National (USA Today, CNN, Wall Street Journal, etc.): 47
                  CA (LA Times, San Diego Union Tribune, San Francisco Chronicle, San Jose Mercury News,
                  FrontPage magazine): 9
                  CO (Denver Post): 3
                  D.C. (Washington Post, Washington Times): 5
                  GA (Atlanta Journal-Constitution): 3
                  IL (Chicago Tribune): 1
                  LA (New Orleans Times Picayune): 2
                  MA ( 1
                  MN (Minneapolis Star Tribune, St. Paul Pioneer Press): 4
                  MO (St. Louis Post-Dispatch): 2
                  NY (NY Times, NY Post): 5
                  OH (Examiner, Cleveland Plain Dealer): 2
                  OR (Oregonian): 2
                  RI (GoLocal Prov): 1
                  TX (Austin American-Statesman, Houston Chronicle, San Antonio Express-News): 7
                  WA (Seattle Times, Bellingham Herald): 3
                  South Africa ( 1
                  Canada (MetroNews Canada, Canada Free Press): 2
                  UK (BBC, The Guardian): 2