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Ethics, Law, and Society Certificate

The Ethics, Law, and Society (ELS) certificate program is designed to encourage the study of normative and value issues in the humanities and social sciences. As ethical competence becomes increasingly important in professional life, students who aspire to careers in the law, the health professions, or business need to be able to demonstrate formal training in ethics. Moreover, competency in ethics requires a broader understanding of the complex relationship between the normative enterprises of law, morality, and politics.

The certificate program in Ethics, Law, and Society requires students to take two courses in philosophy, one of which must be Ethics (PHI 4661), two courses in political science, and one course that takes a normative approach or addresses normative issues in a third discipline, e.g. anthropology, communications, sociology, women’s studies, or criminal justice, nursing, medicine, etc. For additional information contact Dr. Barclay Barrios at bbarrios@fau.edu or call (561) 297-3838. Applications for the ELS certificate program can be obtained from Dr. Barclay Barrios.

Requirements: Five courses (15 credits) passed with a grade of “B” or better from upper-division courses which include the study of values, either substantively or systematically, relating to law, politics, or ethics in the professions, with the following distribution:

Two courses from Philosophy, one of which must be Ethics (PHI 4661)

Two courses from Political Science

One course from another discipline (including those offered outside of the College of Arts and Letters)

Philosophy: (two courses including required PHI 4661 Ethics )

Ethics* ( REQUIRED)
PHI 4661

Philosophy of Law
PHM 3440

Social and Political Theory
PHM 3200

Biomedical Ethics
PHI 4663

Environmental Ethics
PHI 3640

Philosophy of Sexuality
PHI 3637

Feminist Philosophy
PHM 3123

Political Science: (two courses)

Law and American Society
POS 3691

Constitutional Law I
POS 4603

Constitutional Law II
POS 4604

International Law
INR 3403

Women and the Law
POS 3693

War and Peace
INR 4006
Other (one course) The list below is not exhaustive;other courses may be approved by the Director based on catalog description or submission of the course syllabus. Contact the Dean's office at (561) 297-3800, for more information.
Applied Anthropology
ANT 4701

Social Anthropology
ANT 4412

News, Media, Ethics
COM 4621

Mass Comm. Law and Regulation
MMC 4200

International Human Rights
IDS 3188

Contemporary Social Theory
SYA 4015

Social Control and Deviance
SYP 4570

Gender and Society
SYD 4800

Class Status and Power
SYO 4530

Women of Color in U.S.
WST 4404

Women, Violence, and Resistance
WST 3225

Administrative Process and Ethics
PAD 4604

Other Law

Ethics in Nursing
NUR 4826

Electrical Engineering Practice
EEL 3012

Honors Conservation Biology
EVS 4414
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