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The Department of English is now accepting applications for spring internships!

If you want professional, real world experience to take with you once you have graduated, please submit your application by Friday, February 26  to the Department of English office.


English Internship Program

Internships are extremely important for students pursuing careers related to English studies.The Department of English has developed a diverse internship program that allows students to gain hands-on experience in a wide variety of settings.

Our internship program is highly selective, not just in terms of academics, but also in terms of drive, hunger, and innovation. Our agencies capture our best talent, and many of our internships have become full-time paid positions for our students.


Department of English Internship Materials 

Internship Application
Internship Policies and Procedures 

Eligibility Requirements

1) The student must be an English major at Florida Atlantic University.

2) The student must be of junior or senior standing.

3) The student must be residing in Florida and available for frequent on-campus meetings at the university.

4) The student must have no less than a 3.00 overall grade point average AND a 3.00 in the English major.

5) The student must obtain and submit one letter of recommendation from an FAU faculty member of the English department from whom s/he has taken a course. The recommendation should be emailed from the faculty member directly to the Internship Director.

* Please note: Some of our internship agencies require a cover letter and writing samples. 


Top 5 Reasons to Pursue an Internship

1) Opportunity for “hands on” experience: While students may learn a great deal of information in their courses, there is no substitute for direct experience in a professional environment. Internships allow students to gain direct experience, and build skills through individual and collaborative assignments.


2) Opportunity to sample various career options: We encourage eligible students to do multiple internships with different agencies for the purpose of sampling different career areas. This enables students to find out where they might fit best in a professional environment.


3) Preparation for job searches: Students submit a resume and go through the interview process as if they were applying for a job. This gives students valuable experience in preparation for employment.


4) Compilation of a portfolio: As part of an internship, students will be compiling their work and a narrative of their professional progress in a portfolio. This portfolio helps students become self-aware about the internship learning process and the portfolio can later be shown to potential employers.


5) Potential employment opportunities and/or contacts: Internships can lead directly into employment opportunities. Although this is more the exception than the rule, internships certainly provide a student entry into a professional network. Contacts made through the internship can be valuable sources of information for securing eventual employment in one’s chosen field.


For additional information about the English Internship Program, please contact the Director of Internships, Dr. Wendy Hinshaw at 561-297-3838 or at whinshaw@fau.edu.


Internship Spotlights

Alejandra Roca Alejandra Roca

I could not have imagined a better way to put my knowledge, skills and talents to the test than pursuing an internship. Working at the Sun Sentinel has been the challenge I’ve been craving. I write scripts daily for the host of Inside South Florida and Eye Opener on SFL-TV. This internship has placed me in a fast-paced working environment that rewards creativity. I have also gained hands-on experience with production, film and editing. If you’re looking to demonstrate your work ethic, dedication and creativity that as an English major makes you so valuable, pursue an internship today!



Derek MossnDerek Moss

Working at the Library of Congress Publishing Office in Washington DC has been a transformative journey. As an English major with an interest in publishing and writing, working in a professional environment where constructing a good book was our main focus felt like the internship was tailor-made for the skills and experience I wanted to accrue. I now feel confident that my resume will impress for virtually any writing or editorial position. DC is a great city, and I met a lot of people from around the country and from other countries in the program. The whole experience would not have been possible if I had not become involved with the internship program.


Nicole Wieder
Nicole Wieder

FAU's Department of English Internship Program allowed me to gain hands on experience.  I was able to do an internship at O2 Media, a television production company located in Deerfield Beach, FL.  My second internship was with Sandow Media, where I worked with the Vice President and Group Publisher of NewBeauty magazine. My internship with Sandow Media turned into a full-time position for me! I'm very thankful for the opportunities the English Internship Program gave me, and would encourage any student who is eager to seek an internship through the Department of English.


Christian Cabrera Shantelle Maxwell Dr. Tom MartinChristian Cabrera

My internship at HCI Books and Publishing was a remarkably insightful experience into the world of publishing. Interning at HCI granted me the opportunity to exercise my English degree in the real world. I am extremely grateful to the Department of English for putting together such a helpful and amazing internship program to get students to not only realize the practical ways in which their English degree can work for them but, also to recognize its strength in the real world. This was a wonderful learning experience and I would recommend it to any and all English majors to pursue if they wish to take their degree to the next level. Thank you, Shantelle Maxwell and Dr. Martin for making this great opportunity available.

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