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Being prepared and planning ahead is critical as recent emergencies on a national and local level have underscored the importance of such activities. FAU strives to continuously revise and improve its emergency plans, procedures and emergency organizational/operations structure to align with a changing world and, by extension, changing threats.  

University emergency planning builds on unit emergency planning and addresses how the University effectively responds to and recovers from emergency events. The University’s emergency operations structure consists of:

The President

In an emergency situation, the President or designee implements the appropriate emergency plans and meets with the Executive Leadership Team to provide instructions to ensure maximum coordination. The President or designee, in the event of an emergency event or threat, exercises the authority to close one or more campuses of Florida Atlantic University, if deemed appropriate, with notification to the Chancellor of the State University System.

Executive Policy Group (EPG)

This group provides guidance and makes decisions in response to emergency situations/events. This group determines how, when, and what to communicate to the University community during emergencies. It provides counsel and advises the President and provides direction to the Emergency Operations Team on emergency-related policy making such as closing facilities, moving services to alternate locations, suspending academic and support service activities, and resuming normal operations.

Emergency Operations Team (EOT)

This team provides situational awareness and other pertinent information to the EPG. This team executes the emergency-related policies determined by the EPG and establishes response strategies and tactics, deploy resources, and initiate the recovery process.

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