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For all EMERGENCY CALLS dial 9-1-1


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Sharlene Sookhoo, Director

Melonie Carmichael, Coordinator

Michael Denier, Tech. Paraprofessional

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Building (69) Boca Raton Campus

Phone: 561-297-4587

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Public Safety

FAU Emergency Management LogoNon-FAU Entity

FAU provides a portal through which each non-FAU entity manages its own list of contacts for FAU Alert modules: call out, email and text message.  This is an internet-based portal that can be accessed by designated “manager(s)” for each non-FAU entity, and where the names and contact information of employees who routinely find themselves on any FAU campus, can be entered.  This information is then exported from this portal and imported into the corresponding FAU modules.

A non-FAU entity for this purpose is defined as an entity that provides frequent services for FAU campuses, and therefore has staff on campus regularly, however; it is limited to those entities that have the same staff on campus regularly.

If your entity wishes to receive FAU emergency alerts via the call out, email and/or text message modules, please contact the Department of Emergency Management. If your non-FAU entity fits the criteria, you will be asked to designate managers (no more than 2 people). Manager profiles will be created, after which instructions will be sent providing directions on entering and managing the contact information for your staff.

 Last Modified 3/5/18