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Medical Emergencies

What is a medical emergency?

•    Serious injury or illness.

What do I do if there is a medical emergency occurring or one has occurred?

•    Call 911. Paramedics and ambulance service will be notified immediately.
•    Stay, or have someone else stay, with the patient until help arrives.  
•    Do not move the patient; keep the patient still and comfortable.
•    Stay out of the way unless assistance is requested once help arrives.

This should be done regardless of whether the individual is an employee, student or visitor.

What information will I be asked when reporting a medical emergency?

•    Where is aid needed?
•    What type of problem, individual’s condition?
•    What is the medical history, if known?
•    What happened (sequence of events)?

What should I do as a student, or if I see a student, with a minor illness or injury on campus?

•    Go or refer the student to the nearest Florida Atlantic University Student Health Services location.
Report the injury to University Police.

What should I know as an employee about injury and illness reporting?

•    The Department of Human Resources, Employee Relations, administers Worker's Compensation for Florida Atlantic University.

 Last Modified 9/5/14