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Public Safety

FAU Emergency Management Logo Crisis Action Guide  

The first step in providing for your safety is to be prepared before an emergency arises. These hazard-specific guides provide information so that should an event occur you will have background knowledge to provide for your own safety. The key is to be proactive, be aware of your surroundings, and become an invested member of the University community.

Crisis Action Guide Menu:

Weather-related Emergencies

     • Hurricanes
     • Tornadoes
     • Lightning
     • Flooding

Health-related Emergencies

     • Medical Emergencies

Facilities-related Emergencies

     • Building Fire
     • Utilities Problems & Failures

Physical & Psychological Threats

     • Bomb Threats
     • Suspicious Package
     • Psychological Crisis
     • Hostage Situations
     • Hostile Intruder / Active Shooter

Hazardous Material Emergencies


 Last Modified 9/24/14