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Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

FAU's Philosophy on accommodating students with disabilities

Procedures to request accommodations for:

Prospective Students

Current Students

Lifelong Learning Students

Philosophy on accommodating students with disabilities

At Florida Atlantic University, we strive to provide successful options to students with disabilities making every reasonable effort to accommodate each individual’s needs. We know that all disabilities and chronic illnesses are unique, and the needs of each student will be unique as well. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your specific needs for accommodations for visiting FAU and in the classroom. Please see the appropriate category below for specific procedures to request accommodations.

Students with disabilities are encouraged to participate fully in all University events, programs, and campus activities. Our goal is to assist you, provide comprehensive services, and ease your transition into all aspects of campus life at FAU.

FAU is continually exploring ways to improve its campuses and programs for students with disabilities. Do not hesitate to contact  the Office of Equity, Inclusion and Compliance  with your suggestions so your voice will be heard. If you encounter a problem obtaining reasonable accommodations, please contact the ADA Coordinator to discuss your concerns and if you choose to file a complaint.

Prospective Students

Prospective Florida Atlantic University students should contact the specific area they need accommodations from. For instance, if they are interested in the Sociology program and would like to meet with and ask questions of the Coordinator for Sociology but they also need to request a Sign Language Interpreter, they would set up the appointment and request the interpreter directly through the Sociology Department.

Similarly, if prospective students need special accommodations for the graduate application process, they would contact the Graduate Admissions Office directly to request such accommodations.

Current Students

Current students who desire accommodations for their courses need to apply for services through the FAU Student Accessibility Services office.

However if current students are interested in attending a special event on campus, they should contact whomever is hosting the event to request accommodations.

Life Long Learning Students

Lifelong Learning Students who are taking Life Long Learning Courses and who need accommodations due to a disability need to contact the Lifelong Learning Society Office.

 Last Modified 11/8/16